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Sport as a way of life in Europe

On 15 November in Florence, at the Palagio di Parte Guelfa, it will be held the Conference “Sport as a way of life in Europe,” an event sponsored by the National Agency for Youth. On this occasion the experts  all over the world and policy makers will discuss the issues related to the practice of sport in terms of promotion of healthy lifestyles. A tour that will visit medical and scientific issues, investigating the role of sport for the prevention and treatment of many diseases; town planning and architecture, with a focus on the redesign of the city according to the practice of outdoor sports and “zero kilometer”; legal and administrative probing new regulations, and comparing them with those of Europe, that promote the creation and management of sports organizations.

Information: National Youth Agency


Juventus: from the abyss to success

Juventus had expected the test to be who it said it was and not a scary team in Europe. Juventus has due to arrive on the edge of the abyss to know its value. Juventus in this match has been fighting continuously. Now he must learn to think better as a team. After going ahead, it was expected that the Greeks would attack to get the equalizer and, unfortunately, that’s exactly what happened after just two minutes. Be calm would allow him to predict the reaction of the opponent and get ready to fight it. In fact until the second goal Olympiacos Juventus played and it went on and on but in a confused way. Then the incredible happened, Juventus has changed his fate because the fighting has combined the strength and the conviction that it was possible to win. And that has made ​​all the difference compared to the first half. The next time it might find this state of mind before being at one step from the abyss, because the other teams do not always allow this type of recovery. A big step forward, but the European mentality does not exist yet.

Sedentary people increase in South Europe

As well as highlighting which UE Member States’ citizens engage the most in sport and physical activity, the new Eurobarometer survey emphasises socio-demographic results and the context in which people exercise. It also reveals how people perceive the opportunities for sport and physical activity in their areas and how much time they spend on voluntary activity linked to sport. The survey shows large differences among Member States. It follows previous largely comparable surveys carried out in 2002 and 2009. The number of people saying they never exercise or play sport has increased by three percentage points since the 2009 survey (from 39% to 42%). A similar proportion exercise or play sport at least once a week (41%, an increase of one percentage point from the previous survey).

48% engage in other physical activity, for recreational or non-sport-related reasons, such as cycling from one place to another, dancing or gardening at least once a week, while 30% never do this kind of activity at all.

Overall, men in the EU exercise, play sport or engage in other physical activity more than women. This disparity is particularly marked in the 15-24 age group, with considerably more young men tending to exercise or play sport on a regular basis than young women (74% vs 55%). The amount of regular activity people engage decreases with age: 71% of women and 70% of men in the 55+ age group never or seldom exercise or play sport.

Over the course of a week, 54% of respondents did not engage in any vigorous activity (four percentage points lower than 2002) and 44% did not do any moderate physical activity (up three percentage points compared with 2002). 13% of EU citizens did not walk for at least 10 minutes on a given day within a week (four percentage points lower than 2002). On a usual day, about two-thirds (69%) of respondents spend between 2.5 and 8.5 hours sitting (an increase of five percentage points compared with 2002), while 11% sit for more than 8.5 hours and 17% for 2.5 hours or less.

Freestyle urban movement: comparing European experiences

BOLOGNA, June 6th, 2014 – h. 16.00

Notturno Hall, Centro Servizi – Blocco D, 1st floor, Bologna Fair, Piazza Costituzione, 6

 In recent years the phenomenon “parkour” is increasingly present on the media: is not a sport, there are no races. For those who practice is a discipline, an art, a lifestyle.


The emphasis doesn’t  fall on the ethics of the sacrifice and on the result, but on a better connection to themselves with physical space, on the courage to take risks, on the aesthetics of the talent and on creativity. Its centrality is based on feelings, the acrobatic evolutions, the strong value of group experience, the self-improvement that makes it possible the impossible. Thus the road becomes a space in which there are no obstacles, but opportunities to move freely, where it is possible to activate the educational-relational process through the practices related to communication codes of the kids and that leave them great expressive freedom.

The same philosophy of these destructured activities is strongly characterised by the concept of community (crew), in which all the kids recognize and choose to belong to.

In Italy  a growing number of young people are attracted to the “phenomenon parkour”, but there are no public areas where to have fun.

Why the local authorities do not consider these young people? Why instead in Europe there are rules and spaces that allow skaters and parkourists to perform without being considered “unruly”?


Our conference will be the first step to tell a world discovered by little and yet misunderstood and TheJamBO becomes the ideal place to do it.

We have to confront one another and sensitize our Local Governments to collaborate because these new expressions of movement can be considered as an integral part of the community and not as “vandals” of urban design.


  • PANEL:
  • Vincenzo Manco, Uisp National President
  • Duccio Campagnoli, Bologna Fair President
  • Comparing experiences:
  • Team Jiyo (Danmark)
  • Jump’in City (France)
  • Sk8boarder ASBL (Belgium)
  • KRAP (Italy)
  • Luca Rizzo Nervo, Councillor of Health Services, Health integration, Sport, Coordination and reform of the neighborhoods, Active Citizenship of Bologna Municipality
  • Patrizia Gabellini, Councillor for Urban Planning, Historic City and Environment of Bologna Municipality
  • Simone BorsariPresident of District San Donato, Bologna
  • Romeo Farinella, Professor of Urban Planning – Department of Architecture, University of Ferrara
  • Alberto Cei, sports ssychologist (Moderator)
  • Agnese Ananasso, sports journalist
  • Emilio Porcaro, school principal of  IC 10 – Bologna
  • Vasco Errani , President of the Emilia Romagna Region, Coordinator of the Conference of Italian Regions



 Sk8boarder ASBL

Association of skaters of Brussels. It works for promoting these sports in the capital and offers free courses for the young people during the year on the plaza des Ursulines and, occasionally, in other places of the Region of Brussels. The association is supported by IBGE and COCOF.

The actual challenge is to create an indoor skatepark in Brussels.


Team Jiyo

It’s a company based in Denmark with some of the best athletes worldwide within parkour, freerunning, breakdance, hip-hop and other street activities.

Team JiYo are the pioneers of parkour and freerunning in Denmark: they started back in 2002 as a pure parkour/freerun company but has over the years been transformed into a professional and many-armed octopus in street culture.

Team JiYo has participated in numerous commercials, music videos, big TV Live show and has designed more than 10 parkour parks in Scandinavia, also the world biggest parkour park: The JiYo Parkour Park, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

“One of our visions is to inspire children, youngsters and people in general to move and experience the freedom and joy of movement that exists within parkour and freerunning. We wish to see possibilities instead of limitations”.


Jump’in City

It is an association that operates for sustaining the activities of Parkour and Freerun. Thanks to an area/space devoted they succeed in offering regular training courses to allow the beginners to discover these practices in a safe environment.



Krap is a Uisp affiliated association born in January 2008, which includes within its several disciplines: Freerunning, Parkour, Skateboard, Snowboard, Mountain Bike, Capoeira, juggling and much more.

The freestyle disciplines are representative of our time and of those young people who are, by their simplicity, promoters of a philosophy of life that includes values ​​such as sports, gaming, creativity, socialization, determination, self-esteem the psycho-physical wellness, awareness and respect for others and for environment.

They represent such a contemporary idea, dynamic and positive of the youth world in which discipline, style and fun,  go hand in hand.

Krap organizes events with international participation, workshops and courses of study of the technique, performances related to the disciplines practiced, with the management, coordination and participation of members of long experience.


Soccer must be adapted to environmental realities in which it’s proposed

At Tehran for the 2nd International Congress on Science and Football with the participation of FIFA President Mr. Blatter and many great coaches clearly brings out the need for training systems are house suitable to the environmental and organizational realities in which you work. In fact, the main mistake to avoid is to copy the models of the big European teams, because the reality in which they might be established are very different from those in Europe. In this respect it was reminded of a Velasco’s phrase that well describes the approach that coaches and executives should have: “the reality is what it is and not what you would want to be.” Only by starting from this approach coaches and managers can be useful for the development of soccer in many countries in Asia. For what concerns myself, personally I held a workshop on “The relation between coaches and players.” Tomorrow another two titled “The mental coaching for football players” and “Improving concentration in football teams.”

European paths for sport women managers

For the first time in Italy it will be organized a free course concerning “The value of the difference in the management of sport” of 224 hours, including classroom training and internships, reserved for 18 participants  organized in Rome by ‘Tor Vergata University in collaboration with Federculture and Sportlink.
The course aims to prepare future leaders and women leaders, through the transfer of knowledge and skills to enable the participants to enter the world of  sport work with managerial responsibility in various areas of planning, organization, management and evaluation of services and facilities for physical activities and sports, from the recreational to professional. The course will address complex issues, such as strategic management, marketing and communication aspects, the notions of law, contract law and taxation, principles of management control, in addition to the optimization of planning and operating costs, by acting on the principles of energy saving and increasing revenue sources. At the same time, the course aims to create a professional and innovative, transferring specific skills in project management of sporting events in support of local authorities, especially of medium and small cities which do not have on their staff  specific competences in the organization of sport events, in all their phases.

For furher information: impresasport.wordpress.com