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Eliud Kipchoge: when dreams become records

At 38, Kenyan Eliud Kipchoge took nearly a minute off his previous marathon world record with a time of 2h01m09s. He has won 15 of the 17 marathons he has run and two gold medals at the Rio and Tokyo Olympics. Married with children, the same coach all his life, if I had to use a few words to talk about him, I would say he is an athlete who is enough.

Kipchoge is truly one with what he does. He is the one who runs 230km a week, who washes his running uniform by hand in a basin, who lives in a spartan room in a sports center in Kenya, who eats traditional foods from his homeland, who reads Confucius rather than Paul Coelho, who is quiet and runs by following his inner clock that gives him the pace, who writes down in a notebook the sensations of running and how his body and mind work.

He is totally involved in what he does, even though he is a world star. Sponsors and success can easily distract anyone, pulling them away from continuing to do what it takes to achieve their dreams. These habits of his keep him connected to the pleasure of struggling and finding ways to be stronger than the struggle itself. They are the link to the heart of his motivation, which is to take pleasure in what he does and to accept for this end, to live a life in which fatigue is an ongoing and decisive experience.

The one who can make sense of personal growth out of this link between pleasure and fatigue wins.

Paris 2024’s mass participation marathon

It’s 1000 days to go until the world’s greatest athletes come together once more, all for the love of sports, across the picturesque French capital.

 From the bid phase, Paris 2024 promised to revolutionise the experience of the Olympic and Paralympic  Games for the general public. Many people shared a dream that is now a reality: at the Paris 2024’s Mass  Participation Marathon, amateur athletes will be able to follow the same route as the Olympic marathon  event, enabling as many as possible to run in the footsteps of outstanding athletes. This will be an  extraordinary experience, on a unique and original route, celebrating the history and of Paris and its region.

 Since the bidding phase, Paris 2024 has been determined to provide people in France with an outstanding  Games experience. Organising mass participation events with a marathon and a 10km race during the Games will be a first in Olympic history. Just like the Olympic Games, the Paris 2024’s Mass Participation Marathon will include 50% of men and 50% of women.

Larry Trachtenberg record at NY marathon

This man is the only person to have run the first New York City Marathon in 1970 and run the 50th next Sunday. HIs name is Larry Trachtenberg.

Trachtenberg ran for Princeton University.

Marathon runners’ motivation

Carbonaro, G., Cei, A., Ruscello, B, e Quagliarotti, C. (2020). La maratona di Roma: caratteristiche motivazionali e strutturali dei partecipanti. Atletica Studi, 2, 39-52.

A year later, the research report on the participation in the 2019 Rome Marathon, thanks to the organization of the event by Italian Track and Field Federation, is published. The research has investigated the motivational profiles, and some references on the training habits of marathon runners, according to the various age groups. The world of runners is still largely unexplored and this is a stimulus to deepen its characteristics from different points of view.

Marathon runner motivation and coaching

In the next issue of the Journal of Italian Track and Filed Federation.

84year old Canadian man is the oldest person to finish a marathon in Antarctica

It took 11 hours, 41 minutes and 58 seconds, but Roy Svenningsen of Edmonton, at 84, became the oldest person ever to complete a marathon in Antarctica when he crossed the finish line of the Antarctic Ice Marathon on Friday. (Results unofficial.) Race director Richard Donovan praised Roy’s accomplishment and said “It’s a fantastic achievement and one to inspire generations of athletes.”

Svenningsen, a retired oil executive, has run more than 50 marathons on five continents. His first was the Calgary marathon, back in 1964, and he posted his fastest time (an impressive 2:38) in Helsinki, Finland.

The Antarctic Ice Marathon is the southernmost marathon in the world. It takes place at 80 degrees south latitude, at the foot of the Ellsworth Mountains, only a few hundred miles from the South Pole. It is one of two official running events that take place inside the Antarctic Circle on mainland Antarctica. (The other is the Antarctica International Marathon, which kicks off the World Marathon Challenge, in February.) Runners face very challenging conditions, with temperatures as low as -20 C.

In the same race this weekend, Susan Ragon of Cambridge, Mass. became the oldest woman to finish a marathon in Antarctica, at 69. Her time was 7:38:32. Ragon, who came to marathon running relatively late in life, has run the Boston Marathon 20 times, and set her personal best of 3:52 there in 2008, at age 58.

The race was won by William Hafferty of Boston, who set an event record in 3:34:12, and Lenka Frycova of the Czech Republic in 4:40:38.

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Eliud Kipchoge challenge the human limits

Eliud KipchogeKenyan

  • 35 years, 1m67, 52 Kg
  • Marathon runner, 230km week
  • Married, 3 children
  • Olympic gold and world recordman on the marathon in 2h1m39s

Goal: Run the marathon in 1h59m in Vienna in the next few days

Mental Attitude (mindset)

  • Training, passion and self-discipline
  • He writes down everything he does in notebooks.
  • He writes down his feelings to remember them
  • Read Aristotle, Confucius and Paul Coelho
  • He runs with his mind relaxed
  • “Respect a law, that of never telling you lies”
  • “Only the disciplined are free, the others are slaves to moods and passions.”
  • “When I train, I try to feel my body and give more and more. I don’t believe in limits.
  • “You have to have a great conviction and a team that believes in you and supports you. Shoes are also important. And then you have to be stronger than any other runner in the past. Everything is possible”.
  • “Marathon is life. If you want to be happy you have to enjoy life and I enjoy running the marathon. That’s why I smile.

He leads a spartan life:

  • Always gets up at 5 a.m. in Kaptagat (Kenya)
  • The weekend returns to the family
  • He cleans his room and bathroom
  • He washes his knits and socks in a bowl that he then spreads like the others
  • In the afternoon, he drinks a cup of tea and eats a slice of bread.

(Source: Emanuela Audisio, Repubblica e correre.it)

Kenesisa Bekele at 2 seconds form the marathon world record

Kenesisa Bekele after a series of physical problems and negative results participated in the Berlin marathon to relaunch his career on the fast path of the German capital, where three years ago he won in 2h03’03”.

He succeeded in his aim not only by winning the race but also by setting a crazy time of 2h01’41”, just 2 seconds from the world record of Eliud Kipchoge. Below is the comparison of the passages of the two athletes every 5km (source: Ross Tucker, @Scienceofsport).


No plastic in the races

The drastic reduction in the use of plastic during sport competitions must be a goal of the organisers.

The solution introduced in the London Marathon seems effective. In the 2018 edition, 919,000 plastic bottles were used, the use of which was reduced to 700,000 in 2019. These will be reused to build new plastic bottles.

200,000 bottles have been replaced with the use of bubbles containing water or mineral salts that could be ingested by runners consisting of a totally edible membrane derived from a natural algae. The casing can also be thrown away and biodegrades in 6 weeks instead of 450 years, as is the case with plastic. It is produced by the company Skipping Rocks Lab


Seaweed pods filled with sports drink.

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