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10 healthy rules to feel ourselves mentally and physically fit

In our society, very often feeling fit is experienced as a duty, because  our friends, the doctor or our partner ask us to be fit and we feel pushed to “do something” to not listen more those questions about why we do not want to do anything. Other times, however, it is the case of those who already practice in the gym to develop a mentality centered on the idea, that to feel good, we must do more and more and the results will be achieved only with pain and tiring sessions in which we challenge ourselves to reach the limit.

Neither of these two approaches to physical activity is of great help in promoting the pleasure of carrying out an activity without any other purpose than the desire to be physically and mentally fit and being at ease producing positive effects on one’s well-being, which are momentary but also lasting over time if carried out continuously. To motivate us to undertake and maintain this type of path it is important to know what we tell ourselves. Here are 10 rules, which represent 10 ways of doing that if acquired could support the choice and maintenance of a physically active lifestyle .

  1. Enjoy the work to be fit
  2. Build a peaceful mind
  3. Breath to feel your body
  4. Visualize your wellness
  5. Listen the heart calm and when working full of energy
  6. Image what you do before to do it
  7. Be your breathing
  8. Feel the body flexibility
  9. Be linked to the good mood
  10. Be grateful to yourself for what you do

Are you a runner? Take part at one study about them

If you are a runner, take part in this research carried out by Italian Track&Field Federation to learn how you train and what are the main reasons of your involvement in this sport. Click on the figure and go to the page where you will find the questionnaire. Take part in getting to know the world of run lovers.

In every competition there positive and negative momentum

Too often athletes do not believe that in every competition there are positive but also negative moments and that this is condition happens  very frequently. Not foreseeing the difficulties are easily panicked, causing a worsening of their performance.

All things originate in the mind

All things originate in the mind. Actions and events depend heavily on motivation. Appreciation of humanity, compassion and love are key points. If we develop a good heart, whether our field is science, agriculture or politics, since motivation is so crucial, they’ll all improve.

Dalai Lama

Dedication and success

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Top #Athletes #Christmas > probability to fall ill

The English Institute of Sport (EIS) has distributed gift packs to World Class Programme athletes containing health advice and illness prevention products to help them stay healthy over the festive period.

Funded summer and winter sports who registered their interest have received the packs to help athletes fight off winter germs.

Elite athletes are four times more likely to fall ill over the holiday season, which may be due to a break from training; a slight relaxation of nutrition, hand hygiene and training routine; alongside an increase in social events and exposure to germs. This can then affect an athlete’s availability for full training in January.”

“EIS Senior Sports Physician Anita Biswas has been leading the project. She said: “It is important for athletes to enjoy the holidays but in previous years we have seen many athletes returning after the break having been ill and often with ongoing illness.”



I wish you to Merry Christmas

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Self-explanation is a relevant learning technique

It is better to ask a student to see if they can explain something to themselves, than for a teacher or book to always explain it to them. That’s according to a new meta-analysis of the findings from 64 prior studies involving nearly 6000 participants that compared learning outcomes from prompted self-explanation compared to instructor explanation, or compared to time spent using other study techniques such as taking notes, summarising, thinking out loud (without the reflection and elaboration involved in self-explanation), or solving more problems.

“It has often been observed that students learn steps in a procedure without understanding how each step relates to others or contributes to the goal of the procedure … Consequently, learners are less able to transfer the procedure to tasks with differing conditions.”

“…more successful learners tended to self-explain either by predicting the next step in a problem solution (anticipative reasoning) or identifying the overall goal structure of the problem and the purpose of its subgoals (principle-based explaining).”

In tennis, it means that one player with adequate skills to play a match makes errors because he or she is not able to elaborate the anticipative reasoning to use his/her skills in a specific match situation or doesn’t understand the next shot is a sub-goal of the main goal that is the game management. Therefore, the player need to integrate the tennis competences into a personal learning system to fulfill the match requests and self-explanation become a successful learning technique to develop the anticipative strategy.

Bisra, K., Liu, Q., Nesbit, J.C., Salimi, F., e Winne, P.H. (2018). Inducing self-explanation: A meta-analysis. Educational Psychology Review, 30, 703-725.

Maureen Weiss #youth #development #experts

40 years ago Maureen Weiss  has been one of the founder of the research focused on sport and physical activity as a context for promoting youths’ physical, social, and psychological development. She writes: “My work takes a developmental theoretical perspective, by considering youths’ cognitive, social, emotional, and physical abilities in describing and explaining variations in behavior related to motivation, self-perceptions, social relationships, moral development, and observational learning.”

Since 2009, Weiss’s most fulfilling work has been with Girls on the Run, a physical activity, positive youth development program designed to enhance girls’ social, emotional, and physical development using running as a vehicle.

She attended at ISYS 40th Anniversary and provided some excellent suggestions to young who want to become experts in a specific area of interest.