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The soccer words: umility, confidence and motivation

“We have not fallen into the shoes of the match. Draw useful at least to bring us back down to earth” (Allegri, coach Juventus).

“Before we did fear, we were more confident” (Florenzi, Roma footballer)

“The confidence of Mancini is critical to my teammates and me. Every day he gives me motivation and enthusiasm” (Guarin, Inter footballer).

Humility, confidence and motivation are the key concepts expressed in these sentences. Beyond the players’ technique and talent if in a team are lacking these mental qualities everything else is worth less than nothing.

Interesting football championship: the surprise of the next matches

The Italian football championship this year is so far the most interesting of these years, because it brings out  new situations with which the teams have to face beyond their technical level:

Juve must demonstrate that it continues to have the will to win and the Conte’s dramatization related to Pirlo, not just any one, who did not go to the bench after replacing him but in the locker room it’s a sign of how the coach considers decisive to share what happens in the field from the bench to uphold the players’ determination.

Napoli have a match with it seems easy against Sassuolo but it should not think to have already won the game, this is certainly one of the games in which it can be measured the team willingness to win the championship.

Roma was often a team that at the first positive results thought to be already at an end the championship, it must show patience, forget about winning matches and stay focused only to play the next game.

Milan has many problems including injuries and mental weaknesses of Balotelli. Of course, as everyone says Mario is at a crossroads, scrambling like Cassano or become the symbol of Italian football talent, but who helps him? Not just the good will of the player or tell him to change because that happens, he needs someone to lead him to become an adult.

Inter started well also in the last season but it continued bad, it will change this year? Mazzarri looks more confident and convinced Stramaccioni and this is important.

Inter-Juve: the motivation match

Inter and Juventus both want to win today this game, not only because it is considered to be the derby of Italy but for other reasons far more important. Stramaccioni want to win to be confirmed on the Inter bench and his players because they know that winning it would give a meaning much more positive in their championship. Conte wants to win to continue to maintain a strong pressure on opponents and increase the team’s belief really be able to achieve any success playing with anger and determination. It’s really the game of the motivation, where it win will who has the desire to give up until the referee blows the whistle at the end of the match. Everyone is looking for the great results, of course for the three points, but also to prove to themselves that they are the strongest.

Stramaccioni, Inter coach, looks confuse

Inter have lostthe last match because  it played a bad game against Siena (3-1). The coach, Stramaccioni, was not able or did not want to explain why the team did not show a successful play system but also players did not show to  ”have not got hungry of victory “as he himself said. The issue is that Inter in the last 13 games has won 4, drawn 4 and lost 5, so it’s a lot period which does not play effectively. Take the responsibility upon himself is a nice gesture but since three months this situation is negative, and is a long time for a team. Explanations are too general and those who provided convey the image of a coach in difficulty and without ideas. I hope that in his head instead he has clear and specific solutions,  Stramaccioni is playing a critical phase of his career, because in these moments or leave the action with winning matches or else he may be caught up in the image of the young good coach but with little leadership on the team. I hope that next to him he has expert people to share this experience and that they can help you to make the best decisions for the future of the team and consequently for him

Free thoughts after reading the newspapers

Free thoughts after reading the newspapers. Napoli FC were canceled two penalty points, after that a month ago it was given this sentence for sport fraud, this is no longer true. Things you do, to make the championship more interesting. De Rossi, one of the best players in Italian football, playing few matches this year,  because the coach, Zeman, does not get along with him. Like children dragging their feet “do not make you more my friend.” In contrast Sneijder, Inter player, has not played for months, I do not know the reasons; possible that the disagreement with the coach is so deep that did not find a way to work. I have always my idea that to earn too much money can destroy the professional relationships. Everyone thinks he’s a little king, who does not want to give up his portion of pride. Milan is forced to focus on older players because they are the only champions who are willing to come in Italy. Is it better the experience of those who no longer runs and has no more certain hunger for victory to that of other less talented but perhaps more motivated? In addition to football, the newspapers write just about those sports where there are a lot of money (tennis, golf, NBA, cycling, motor sports) or individual athletes as long as they are rich and famous. The other sports are just a few times a year, when someone wins a world event or perform amazing feats.

How to maintain high the team motivation

Someone asked me what the coach has to to maintain high team motivation after a string of good performances. It’s the case of Inter after nine consecutive victories it obtained two defeats and one draw. It must be said that repeated successes can lead to a loss of motivation and that the task of the coach is to prevent the spread of this attitude. What the coach has to do. First, maintain high physical and mental intensity  during the training. Second, he must talk to the team. The team is strong when it enters in the field with the desire to win and to do this it must not waste even a minute of its workout. The training allows to exercise continuously this attitude and each exercise should have this goal, otherwise we might stay sit playing cards. Therefore, the coach has the time during the sessions to check who are the players who drop in motivation and he needs to stay calm and not excited about winning 9 results, because if that happens he will start to think that the team can win with ease, beginning to be less attentive at how he trains his players.

Inter have lost the momentum

Inter has been lost. After 9 consecutive wins in the last three games has got 2 losses and 1 draw against teams from the lower level. Probably it was hypothesized a decline in mental tension after the victory against Juventus but this condition is protracted for two more games. Presumption and mental fatigue are the two symptoms that hit Inter at this stage of the season. Diseases commons to those who are not used to being at the top of the championship, the team begins to believe that it will continue to win even if committed less. It’s a real form of magical thinking affecting all the players who takes the field confidents of winning for doing so until the previous game or to have defeated the league leaders. The inexperience of the coach to stay at high level he did not permit to him to prevent this negative state of mind, on the contrary, entirely foreseeable. In fact, after the victory against Juventus, the team would have to provide proof of its value just playing with the same mind  intensity even the following Sunday, but that has not happened and continued to get lost even in the next two. Certainly Inter will recover from this stage but it will have to wait to get a long series of positive results, before to know if  it become immune to this syndrome  based on the presumption virus.

Inter errors

In my opinion, Inter has committed two serious errors in the last two matches, they did not have longer allowed to play as in the previous ones. The errors are represented by too much enthusiasm and too much complaining. Lost match against Atalanta was after a series of many matches won and the victory against Juventus. It was an important test because of the enthusiasm that was generated versus the team that it was to confirm against a team certainly less strong. The enthusiasm sometimes leads to a condition of satisfaction so in an unconscious way you start thinking that you cannot miss, and this leads to a reduction of the competitive energy, hard to recover during the game. In the next match against Cagliari, Inter president, said that the referee stopped the team to win. This constant complaining about the penalties not given blames on someone else what the team has not been able to achieve in the field. Enthusiastic and complaining are two sides of the same concept and it does not help the players to be aware of their strengths and weaknesses, it would take more coldness on the part of the Inter leadership.


In football  high-level performances  run along two roads, one loser and  one winner, relate to suffer the opponents’ play or impose its own. Juventus-Inter match has followed the same pattern, beginning Juventus have imposed its play for 10 minutes, then mostly dominated Inter. If  we add the Lichsteiner’s uncontrolled nervousness, Giovinco’s selfish racing, the Inter offensive pressure on the Juventus defenders and not viceversa, we understand why Juventus have lost.

Inter: entusiasmo e gioco

Non so se l’Inter ha ritrovato un gioco perchè non è di mia competenza ma se avesse trovato l’entusiasmo sarebbe una grande notizia. Non importa a chi si è fatto 5 goal, importa invece averli fatti e soprattutto che 3 siano stati messi a segno dal suo più importante attaccante. L’entusiasmo può provocare miracoli e l’allenatore che ne riconosce il valore deve fare iniezioni da cavallo di questo speciale ingrediente. Faccio il tifo per Stramaccioni perchè sarebbe la migliore pubblicità di quanto l’umore sia decisivo per vincere.