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Sarri and Ancelotti stress management

Sarri problems in the management of  Ronaldo and those of Ancelotti with his team and his president highlight how it’s difficult in these moments to remain optimistic, satisfied and determined rather than pessimistic, dissatisfied and distressed. The question is: how to maintain this attitude during the evolution of the crisis situation.

This stress does not come so much from the results but refers to the stress of managing the players, from misunderstandings arising during the work and from having to negotiate with their players.

We know that what differentiates a coach who manages these experiences from another who, on the contrary, is chocked by them, it is in the way of dealing with situations perceived as stressful.

One question to answer is: “How can I show myself convinced that we will be able to get out of this crisis or that my choices are the right ones?” In football, if we don’t believe we have everything we need to be able to achieve our goals, it’s almost certain that we won’t achieve it. It’s like saying to our opponents: “Today we’ll give you some of our confidence to win, we’d rather remain insecure. So the lesson is as follows: accept the challenge and play with the confidence we can do it till the final whistle. Players are taught to chase even the balls that are impossible to catch, the same for the coach because we must never leave the idea that nothing is impossible.lite sarri ronaldo juventus milanRisultati immagini per Ancelotti insigne lite

Carlo Ancelotti talks about football and team mind

Interesting interview at Carlo Ancelotti on ilnapolista, read it.

Here some ideas:

Pochi minuti di conversazione e siamo già a mai fuorigioco e a un elogio dell’Atletico Madrid. Allora, in riferimento al match di Champions con la Juventus, gli riferiamo dell’ardore di Fabio Capello nell’opporsi all’equivalenza Simeone-brutto calcio.

«L’Atletico Madrid non gioca male, ti fa giocar male. Non ti fa giocare come tu vorresti. Per tanti motivi. Innanzitutto perché sono molto ben organizzati. Ma anche per la loro struttura psicologica. Sono molto aggressivi in tutte le situazioni. Anche con l’arbitro. Nel tempo, sono  migliorati. Adesso giocano più a calcio, anche se giocano un calcio che possiamo definire diverso dalla normalità. Cercano molto la sostanza e poco l’estetica.

A lei piace?

«Sì – la risposta è secca -, è un calcio che mi piace».

A questo punto insistiamo: le piacerebbe che il suo Napoli giocasse come l’Atletico Madrid?

«Io credo che alla fine la qualità del gioco paga sempre, però la qualità del gioco deve essere supportata da tanti altri valori altrettanto importanti che sono la determinazione, la cattiveria in certe circostanze, la personalità, la responsabilità che uno si deve prendere. Quella che voi a Napoli chiamate cazzimma. Mi piacerebbe un Napoli così».

MIlik’ goal: breath, look and shoot

In the last minute of the match in Serie A the Milik’s goal to Cagliari is a perfect example of what does it mean be focuses on the task. First, the player takes a breathing to relax the body and second, he looks at the gate to reach the attentional peak, and some instance later kick the ball extremely well. With this shot Napoli won the match

Risultati immagini per milik gol



Carlo Ancelotti’s work philosophy

Carlo Ancelotti is the new coach of Napoli, his goals and how he will work are  already fairly well described in his philosophy of work and which differentiates it significantly from Sarri:

  • Educate the team to pursue victory through a creative and offensive game
  • Encourage the development of a positive work environment
  • Build a strong team spirit by stimulating a large capacity for sacrifice and mutual commitment
  • Support the individual sense of responsibility (assessed on the basis of the actions and behaviors)
  • Protect the tradition and the principles of the club
  • Work to give continuity to the successes of the club
  • Compete for all important trophies
  • Build a clear identity and a style of play which take account of  the club’s tradition
  • Build good relationships between the various work teams
(by Carlo Ancelotti, Il mio albero di Natale)

Stress destroyed Napoli match

Napoli vs Manchester City match teaches us that the fear of the opponent can become numbing experience.

My question is: during the week, instead of spending so much time  just talking about game plan, it wouldn’t it be more useful to address the issue of crippling fear and strength? And, of course, establish and train the attitude to play these games.

Play schema are required but, if the players have not learned to use their mind constructively, they are only one way to find out how you should play. The penalty miss from Napoli is another example of what happens when the fear dominates the mind.

Napoli mental mistakes

Following the analysis of the match Real Madrid-Napoli we can highlight the following mental errors of Napoli. A team is ready to play at a high level if:

Leaders lead the team – Hamsik did it for too little time at high level, as well as other main players.

It’s concentrated in a positive way – Napoli appeared to just concentrate and insecure in follow the instructions of his coach.

Players are determined – Napoli lost too many balls at the beginning of the new actions, too many individual mistakes. These are signs of excess tension.

It manages the high expectations that are created for the decisive matches – Instead players choked with these expectations of glory that have reduced the effectiveness of their game. Real Madrid went down but this team knew how to get out the game. Napoli went ahead but it couldn’t handle this positive momentum.

It’s convinced to be able to win – you can win or lose but it must be cultivate tirelessly the belief that you will win if you follow the game plan. Napoli has probably shown this habit at a medium level but high expectations require high levels of physical, mental readiness, persistent toughness and high intensity match last 15m.

Napoli: how to react to the defeat against Juventus

Napoli has melted in Spain

At the first big match of the new season Napoli has been eliminated from the Champions League. This was due, according to the newspapers in a “careless defensive line,” “a harmless launch from the sidelines, Albiol has not understood with Rafael, the two have made ​​surprise by Aduriz who burned them on time and he easily slipped the door was unguarded “,” the defense gives the score.” Regardless of the technical value of individual players and the team as a whole, these comments highlight the lack of psychological value of Napoli. Benitez has not build a  fighting and determined team. The attentional errors did by Napoli have been made regardless of the technical value of the single player and I am convinced that aggression is an indispensable and trainable team quality if you want to compete at a high level in Europe. Little attention is given to the search for players who possess this mental dimension in favor of the search for even the most technically gifted players in the field but that will melt like snow  at the sun. This parameter is too often forgotten and so, while in Europe the teams run and fight, we continue to complain.

Roma does not have a winning mind

Roma is playing a  very positive championship. In fact, this year it has become a competitive team, showing how to win the most games with minimal losses. It’s on the right track to achieve a winning mentality, which means getting into the pitch with the confidence to cope successfully face any team. Compared to what it has been shown up to now, Roma has not yet reached this milestone, I testify, in my opinion, who has suffered two defeats in the two most important games he played. The match against Juventus in the league, which would allow her to continue to exert strong pressure on Juve same and the one against Napoli in the Italian Cup. In both lost the confrontation with the opponent in a clear way. The next step will be to maintain the same strong conviction even in the big games, which determine the difference between a good season and a great one.

Napoli unsuccessful emotional condition

Yesterday I wondered who between Juventus and Napoli would have shown the will to win from the start of the game and Juve did it from the first moment. It would be useful to understand why this state of mind it has been demonstrated by Napoli only during the second time it has provided, as we say, “a proof of pride.” In my opinion an experienced coach like Benitez should have parameters to determine if before an important game his team is in the best emotional state to face an opponent that you know the game system and as well you know the fighting spirit that, his coach, Conte is able to convey to his players. With this awareness, you go in knowing what  it’s very likely to happen the field and that really did take place. Of course the players are not robots that perform the Benitez’s order, however, a team that wants to win cannot enter the pitch with that attitude. So I think it is important for Napoli to understand how the attitude of the players has been so dismissive, you may be inferior in terms of quality of play, but not in relation to the will to face to the best of your abilities the opponents. The only one who has shown a positive approach was Reina, the Napoli goalkeeper, who has played his role with determination. Napoli needs to improve its ability to go in the field with the emotional condition allowing to play a game with determination, otherwise the class of individual players and the team will remain locked in a drawer where you’ve lost the key.