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The coach job

Talk, share, ask, understand, lead, look … this is the coach job

Muhammad Alì fast movement

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When we talk about speed, we need to remember Mohammed All

Roger’s Federer 10 rules for success

#focus #stress #tennis

Concentrarsi sotto stress

Shooting in India

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Coaches: A case study

Why people give up

Teams and athletes to excel need the greatest opponents

Do you believe in this concept?

It is why  good team and players good enough to stand alone, stand straighter and more vividly with a good opponent: the Yankees with the Dodgers, Borg with McEnroe, Ali and Frazier, names permanently linked because in fact they needed each other. After days and weeks of Red Sox and White Sox, Wepners, Nastases, and Mildenbergers, each needed a good opponent to make him best, to make him memorable, to give him cherished lifelong feelings. So, when a career ends, when the passion of the game subsides, towards a good opponent you feel only gratitude. 

(Ken Dryden, The Game, 1983, p. 127)

The hare and the tortoise story

Don’t win the best. Win who is tough and respect the opponent.

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The role of the inspirational talks

The role of the inspirational talks and the relevance to use the metaphors is well explained in this article, starting form the Churchill’s talk to the nation during the 2° world war.

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