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A growing demand for sport psychologists

A growing demand for sport psychologists

With the issues of mental health, violence and activism in sports on the rise, more athletes and teams are seeking the expertise of sport psychologists

By Kirsten Weir the article of American Psychological Association


1893 #blog 9 years

The blog is a way, for me, to spread ideas and information related to the context in which a professional works. In this case, it is psychology, sport, movement, wellbeing, coaches, parents and young people. Each blog is a brief tale of something that has influenced me, and it describes a different way to stay in the sport daily life.

I write the blog with the goal to look for everyday situations starting from their small expressions. It’s a kind of thinking aloud concerning responses to what has just happened, with the awareness of being disconfirmed from what it may happen in the near future.



Movimento special issue: basket (English abstract)




Seminar: Hit the target

 Tirare al bersaglio

Le componenti psicologiche nei compiti di mira

Mercoledì 3 maggio 2017 – ore 9-17
Roma, Scuola dello Sport – Centro di Preparazione Olimpica “G. Onesti” Coni  

In many sports success and failure depend on the ability of the athlete to hit a target. In some cases, this is the only purpose of the athletes’ performances, as occurs in disciplines related to the shooting. In other sports, the athletes is required to hit a target after an opponent’s defensive measures of the opponent, like in team sports. In other cases the opponent is the target, such as fencing or boxing. In these sports, the performances are closely linked to social, emotional, behavioral, psychophysiological aspects and mental abilities that are investigated by the psychology. The knowledge of these aspects provides to the coaches clear suggestions on how to address and monitor the training and to the psychologists specific tools to correctly orient their professional skills in the field of sports. The goal of the seminar is to provide all stakeholders with the tools to expand their knowledge and to successfully interact in the interest of the athletes and their performances.

Sport psychology 50 years since the 1° International Congress

Interesting and very usful article by Fabio Lucidi titled  ”From Rome 1965 to Rome 2015: Sport psychology fifty years since the first International Congress”, Giornale Italiano di Psicologia, XLII, 3, 2015, 381-394.


The first International Congress of Sport Psychology took place on April the 20th, 1965, in the Auditorium of the Italian Olympic Committee in Rome. The Congress, marking the beginning of Modern Era of this scientific field, was organized by a small group of pioneers, led by the Italian psychiatrist Ferruccio Antonelli. Exactly fifty years after, this historical occasion has been celebrated in the very same place of the Italian Olympic Committee Centre, in Rome, during the «International Society of Sport Psychology» 50th Anniversary’ Seminar. This recurrence represents the occasion to reflect on the past, and on the way in which the political and social facts have influenced the development of this scientific field and on the future, namely on the opportunities that it may reserve for sport psychologists.

Advanced workshop on sport psychology and coaching


The Italians inside the sport psychology organizations

Sometimes be Italian sport psychologists is also a source of pride. In these days it’s helding place in Bern the 14th European Congress of Sport Psychology and we can claim to be an important part of the organizations that represent it.

  • Claudio Robazza received the Ema Geron award for his excellent scientific career and he continues as Associate Editor of Psychology of Sport and Exercise
  • Maurizio Bertollo was elected to the new Board of the European Federation of Sport Psychology (FEPSAC)
  • Cristiana Conti was elected to the ENYSSP Board, the European organization of youth sports psychologists

Fabio Lucidi also a Board member of the World Association of Sport Psychology (ISSP). As far as I’m concerned I left after eight years the position of FEPSAC treasurer  and continuing in my role as editorial manager of the International Journal of Sport Psychology.

With this team and the involvement of the Italian associations, the Academia and the Order of psychologists we can do other important steps forward.

The video of the International Society of Sport Psychology 50° Anniversary

Interview about sport psychology

Interview at Emiliano Bernardi about sport psychology

How top runners motivate themselves

Some top marathoners seem to make greater use of awareness of the work done. Rethinking the training they’ve done and from these exeperiences come the confidence and motivation.

  • I think back to the work I have done previously, the fact that I worked well and then I should not be afraid to fail.
  • First of all, being aware that the difficult times occur every season and are always lurking. After that, I know how to do, that it’s to identify the mistakes, I assess them and I try to work hard to correct them.

For other the goal setting strategies are the basis of their experiences and skill to motivate themselves.

  • Definitely stands out in me the patience, precision and strong determination. If I set a goal there is nothing that can distract me from the work to achieve it. Maybe I’ve always had that ability, but then I also improved by the training and in general with experience. Among the people who have helped me to develop such features are first of all my mother but then also my coach and my husband, which in my case coincide.

For others, it seem to dominate more the emotional component in driving motivation.

  • I find the more emotional impulses thinking about how important and pleasant is to reach the goal. The goal achievement acts for me to greater motivator.
  • The positive moments give me the awareness hat I have the resources and abilities to do it, then, they represent moments to recharge myself and to point to the next goal.