Soccer must be adapted to environmental realities in which it’s proposed

At Tehran for the 2nd International Congress on Science and Football with the participation of FIFA President Mr. Blatter and many great coaches clearly brings out the need for training systems are house suitable to the environmental and organizational realities in which you work. In fact, the main mistake to avoid is to copy the models of the big European teams, because the reality in which they might be established are very different from those in Europe. In this respect it was reminded of a Velasco’s phrase that well describes the approach that coaches and executives should have: “the reality is what it is and not what you would want to be.” Only by starting from this approach coaches and managers can be useful for the development of soccer in many countries in Asia. For what concerns myself, personally I held a workshop on “The relation between coaches and players.” Tomorrow another two titled “The mental coaching for football players” and “Improving concentration in football teams.”

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