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Silver medal for Pellielo at trap World Cup Final

Giovanni Pellielo adds another piece to the legend. Silver at the final of the Trap World Cup  involving the 12 2014 best trap shooters, Only a month he won the bronze medal at the World Championships and Olympic quota to go to the Olympics in Rio-2016. Pellielo has been successful to maintain year-round an unbelievable shooting quality and competitivei ntensity that no one else has in the trap shooting. Just remember that the last four events he reached three times in the final with a score of 124 out of 125 clay targets hit and the latter with 123 targets. Against Pellielo  his opponents, in this case the teammate Massimo Fabbrizi, they do  incredible races. In fact, in this competition in the final both have done the same score with 14 targets out of 15, in the shoot-off Pellielo made a mistake only at 19° target, which his opponent instead hit. During his career Pellielo won 3 Olympic individual medals, 4 individual world championship and 6 World Cup Finals.

Fazz’a Italian Green Cup with Andrea Filippetti (coach of the Italian junior shooting national team)

No miracles in sport

Sport is not an environment in which miracles can happen. I was at the Shooting World Championship with the national team of Malta and it’s exactly what happened. The shooters have provided performance at their maximum level, but there were no miracles. In the olympic trap, the shooters have achieved the best performance of the last 10 years with 118 and 117 out of 125. While the junior Maltese athlete got the 13th place out of 65 participants. In the specialty junior double trap, Nathan Xuereb has finished in 1st place in the qualification with 139 out of 150 and in the final came 4th. These results permit to explain that the journey to excellence is long and you get with improvements that are first established in training. The real chance  to reach results of the absolute level is build by high scores did in training and participating in the most of  international competitions. In these situations, the technique and mental preparation of athletes is tested, allowing them to become aware of their strengths and knowing how to engage in the most important competitive moments. For these reasons there are no miracles, but a lot of work in which technique and mind are trained together with the support of the coach and the sport psychologist.

Giovanni Pellielo: A legend of the olympic sports

Today in Granada Giovanni Pellielo won for the seventh time the right to participate in the Olympics. He finished 3rd at the Trap World Championships with an exciting track. In the qualification rounds, he scored 124 out of 125, finishing first with two other shooters. In the semi-finals took 14 out of 15 clay targets He had unbalance with another shooter, he immediately make a mistake and he competedi n a race against another shooter for the third place. Again 15 targets, he hit all the targets, while his opponent misses 3. With this result he also won the Olympic Quota to Rio at the first opportunity. If, as is likely, he will go to Rio it will be his seventh Olympics, where he won 3 medals so far. He’s the most successful athlete in the history of shooting, having also won 4 world and dozens of international competitions. He’s 44 years old.

Shooting world championship: non room for the distractions

It started today in Granada the Shooting World Championship. In this first day, the shooters have done two rounds which showed once again that this is a sport in which there is no room for mistakes. On 5t0 clays fired there are 12 athletes with the maximum score, they have not made ​​a mistake and 24 who have committed only one, out of a total of 145 participants. Six shooters will go in the final  and  after this first day there are 36 shooters that can realistically aspire to this result. The race is on three days and tomorrow there will be two more rounds. It will be ready for the competition who will sleep well tonight and tomorrow morning will think that it’s another day and will be focused only on the first and so on for 25 times. Woe to put further pressure but woe come even thinking “I’m shooting as well today.” Who will stay focused only on what is going to do and nothing else tomorrow night happy.

The issues of the high level shooters

Today I am at a shooting international competition in Todi (Italy) and athletes of different nationalities, from Iran to Great Britain have asked me about their difficulties face in the race, here are a few:

  • What should I do first when for a while I forget what I have to do?
  • What do I do to remove the panic that sometimes comes over me?
  • What I have to do not think of breaking the target and be focused only on my performance?
  • Which are the skills of clay shooting champions?
  • How do I know I am ready before to start?
  • I have not always the same time to shoot, what I have to do to be more consistent?
  • After a mistake I get too nervous, how can I control myself better?

These questions highlight how the difficulties of international level athletes are specific and require that the sport psychologist has specific knowledge of this sport. As psychologists, we must not only provide global responses based on the idea that we must improve the confidence of these athletes, as these questions are asked by athletes who are the best in their country and are used to compete, but this in itself does not eliminate these difficulty.

What do you think?

You need to compete very often

In sport, when you reach a high level of technical expertise allowing to be competitive, it needs to go to the next step that requires you to do a certain number of competition per year. Even in shooting sports, which are the ones that I participate in the Commonwealth Games,  before to compete in an event so important it’s  necessaryto have done at least 6/7 rcompetitions, the majority of which must be at the international level. In the case of athletes who made a few, it’s very difficult to succeed in this type of competitions, because they rarely have tested their ability to cope successfully under pressure. Only through the races, you train this skill to do the best in the most important moments. If not it’s easysy to succumb at the stress and provides a really bad performance. This reflection highlights not only the importance of an adequate psychological preparation to be carried out during these races, but also the need for planning annual competitive season which the athlete has to face.

The relevance of self-control over the mind in clay target shooting

At Commonwealth Games 2014 with Malta shooters, it begins tomorrow the double trap event and the day after trap. Difficult competitions in which you losefor 1 target on 150. Today there was the final of the skeet and, at the challenge for the first and second place, the Scottish athlete who competed in the house, was betrayed by his emotions. After a race in which he missed a very few targets, in the final he missed the last 5. Incredible! If he had as many missed in the first 125 that give access to the final he would never reached it. While in the final on 15 targets he lost 6 or 40% wrong. The clay target shooting requires a near-perfect control of the emotions and thoughts, if any useless idea or emotion enters uncontrolled in the mind of the shooter even for a few moments  the performance is probably compromised.

Maltese shooters at the end of the last training session before the competition.

Training intensity and mental aspects

The mental component of a high-intensity workout is composed of at least three aspects.

  1. Includes mental skills that the athlete must show in that particular session and they must have already developed at high level, otherwise he will not be able to implement them on an ongoing basis in the training session that is starting.
  2. Includes those exercises or parts thereof in which the coach and the athlete are convinced that they can be performed in an optimal level (eg , for a sprinter who has to run 3x300m , probably it is expected that at least the first , albeit laborious , it will be run as planned. In trap shooting, a skilled athlete knows that she usually hits 20 out of 25 targets performing at the maximum. The same goes for the court, in which a tennis player knows how to play when he is totally focused on the game).
  3. Includes those exercises or parts that determine the quality of that single session. For example, it will be great if the sprinter will be able to run as scheduled on the third repeatition of 300m, or if the shooter will hit more than 20 plates that she usually hits; the same for the tennis player, he has to play well even if he feels tired or he has to maintain a high level of play quality in a training exercise longer and more challenging than usual.

These are the psychological aspects that come into play when training requires physical and mental strength and they are trained only in these moments.

In shooting sports the athlete’s mood determines the performance

The last two Sundays I have been with shooters, 16/19 years old, and I realized again how important it’s for them even in training to be supported by a calm and peaceful mood. Trap shooting is a sport that requires before shooting a condition of total concentration followed soon after by a period of relaxation and waiting for about 40 seconds before the next shot. This psychological situation is repeated 25 times, which is the number of shots for each round. The confidence to perform effectively the shot and as a result to hit the target, is based on a mental state of calm that when it fails opens the door for a thousand doubts that hinder the performance. To these young athletes is then required to be 25 times in this state of mind, and especially after having made ​​a mistake it’s not easy to push away the critical thoughts that appear and getting focused on the next shot. Perform this task, to quickly find serenity after an error is an exercise that educates their mind to react more positively otherwise there would be a very real possibility of committing right after another. Thing that can happen on the other hand, as it is impossible not to make mistakes. So this exercise, to relax and focus, must be performed each time, knowing that in any case some plate will not be equally hit, who is more constant in this exercise will improve more quickly than others. In this way the shooters train them to maintain a calm and peaceful mood with the awareness that it’s the basis of the confidence of knowing how to hit the next target.