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What is the Italian female skiers lacking?

What is the Italian female skiers lacking?  Probably the total involvement with their performance while instead dominating a mental condition of anxiety and excessive worry.

Peak performance is provided by the athlete whose mental condition is called the “flow state” or “ideal performance state” and in this condition the person is totally absorbed by the task relevant components. It was a matter of asking athletes to develop knowledge around a relatively simple idea: “If you are physically present in a given situation, why aren’t you fully present? What does it take for your mind to also be fully engaged in this competition?

Already in the 1980s, Orlick and Partington interviewing world-class Canadian athletes found that for them it was of fundamental importance to be, before the start of the competition, in a condition of global involvement, a state of mental readiness that almost resembled a form of dream come true. The same regards the top professional golfers. The dominant image in these golfers, an expression of total absorption in the task was as follows: to be focused only on the shot that is about to be executed and on nothing else inside or outside.

People then develop a strategy that allows them to be totally absorbed in the task, which starts with the use of methods that encourage learning and refining a particular task. The pianist, Alicia del la Rocha to optimize the execution of difficult passages of a score uses a strategy based on playing them in a slower, almost whispered way. Time management is also essential in this path of concentration, not everyone should use the approach of the German writer Goethe who claimed that the “early hours of the morning have gold in their mouth”. While there are differences in the conception of what the best hours to work are, it has nonetheless been shown that those who structure their writing time prove effective, just as those who devote more time to their activity are more likely to achieve the desired results. Thus, in any activity, expertise is fostered by the quantity and quality of time spent combined with its temporal organization.

A practical application of this approach can be found in the description that Alessandro Del Piero gives about wanting to learn a certain way to kick a free kick: “At the World Cup in Italy ’90 I was very impressed by Schillaci’s goal against Uruguay … I remember that after every training session at the Comunale, I stopped to try free kicks, especially that famous shot by Schillaci. The coach would sometimes ask me what I was still doing on the field, and he would ask me to stop so that I wouldn’t get too tired. I went on anyway, on my own. I would fix the ball, making a kind of small hole with my shoe, and I worked a lot on the support foot. In short, I wanted to recreate the conditions that had produced that famous shot, and in the end I succeeded: it was a Bologna-Juventus match, we won 3-1 and I finally scored that blessed ball in that blessed way”.

Ventura: the manager without shared leadership

The primary limitation of Gian Piero Ventura, the ex Italian football manager, was failing to build a cohesive team and provide a shared leadership. The Italian ex president of the football federation said: “we go to do something of extraordinary and make the history.” To reach this goal it’s necessary to build a motivational climate where every player should feel strictly linked to the others from an amalgam of will, toughness, commitment, courage and humility. This attitude comes before any tactics, because it enhances the human value of each, that in a team based on this habit, it is much more than the sum of the individual values. One team win more thanks to the group, because the performance arises from the integration of the behaviors of players skilled to do different things, together and at the same time.

The team might always think in terms of us and the role of the coach is crucial to encourage the participation of players accepting their suggestions, treating everyone with the same criteria and avoiding favoritism, giving to each of them a role. Now all this is missed, because Ventura took off the players from their role, gave confidence to someone who wasn’t in shape and giving up who was better, has kept out the most talented. After the match with Spain, he did not understand the negative psychological impact that players had experienced and continuing with the rhetoric that they are professionals and a defeat would have not influenced them. Obviously, the opposite happened.

At this point, the team leaders namely Buffon, Chiellini, De Rossi and a few others have had to bring the team together to go beyond the deficiencies showed by the coach. Ventura was incapable of comprehending their mood and he couldn’t lead them out of this tunnel of negativity, as it should have done, supporting them to fight in the next two matches, before the last decisive. Whose fundamental value lay not only in the result but especially in the moral reaction that would allow the team to face Sweden with a totally different psychological condition. The team leaders were unable to do more, because it would have meant going to a direct clash on the team to put in place.

Ventura doesn’t have certainly heard them and the episode that best highlight this situation is represented by the words of Daniele De Rossi, sit on the bench, when he says that if we want to win the game should not be him to do the warm up up but Insigne. Words not listened.

And forget about the total lack of a sense of responsibility and sense of community of the Italian managers and Ventura in leaving speak first and alone Gianluigi Buffon to explain the meaning of this elimination from the next football world cup. On the other hand, says Gigi Riva in his wonderful article, “In the hour of truth in Ventura lacked the courage (besides, one can’t give it)”.

Andrea Pirlo: The last of the Italian talents has gone

Andrea Pirlo has definitively ended his career. His retirement marks the end of a type of player who is technical, lead the team, takes free kicks and score goals, he is a leader and in the decisive moments of the match makes a difference. In Italy, there are no more players like him, he was the last one, with him there were in the same period Totti, Baggio and Del Piero.

Evidently the football formation of our young no longer allows the development of this type of football players. Now in the national team we have a midfield made up of anonymous and an attack with young who have not yet won anything and often had not played at their best. We have a strong defense, ex-strongest, hopefully it will be enough to win with Sweden and go to world championship in Russia.

The best Pirlo’s goals

Andrea Pirlo

Tamberi was not mentally ready for the high jump final

If the words we uses communicate a psychological meaning, those expressed by Giammarco Tamberi, Italian athlete, to explain his poor performance in the final of the high jump at the Track and Fields World Championships, tell us which way this talented guy should improve.

Tamberi described his performance as follows: “The day started badly, I had not the right feeling … I’m disappointed and angry but I do not know who to blame. Usually we learn from defeats, but I still have to understand. Did the rain influence me? The rain is there for everyone, there is no excuse, others have jumped, you could do it, I do not. I do not understand what went wrong and where I went wrong … if I felt the pressure? Not really, I thought to be comfortable, I waited to race after the long trip, but nothing … sorry. ”

Tamberi takes upon himself the responsibility for its poor performance but can not explain it. For me there are three mental mistakes they have committed:

  • “I thought to be good” – An experienced athlete is not content to think but he bases his belief on the emotions he had every time he performs at the best.
  • “If I felt the pressure? Not really” – At this point three choices or you’re tired or you’re already fulfilled or you’re so stressed not to feel the tension you have. Reduced awareness of the physical and mental condition and no plan to self-regulate himself.

and finally,

  • narcissistic attitudes such as having his face half-shaved and half with a beard, let them do to Bolt, because then you have to know how to stand up with outstanding performance. Otherwise they represent the will to assert himself through a fashion and not by the will to give the best you can.

These are in my opinion the reasons for this poor performance and the improvement goals on which Tamberi should train.

Giovanni Pellielo: A legend of the olympic sports

Today in Granada Giovanni Pellielo won for the seventh time the right to participate in the Olympics. He finished 3rd at the Trap World Championships with an exciting track. In the qualification rounds, he scored 124 out of 125, finishing first with two other shooters. In the semi-finals took 14 out of 15 clay targets He had unbalance with another shooter, he immediately make a mistake and he competedi n a race against another shooter for the third place. Again 15 targets, he hit all the targets, while his opponent misses 3. With this result he also won the Olympic Quota to Rio at the first opportunity. If, as is likely, he will go to Rio it will be his seventh Olympics, where he won 3 medals so far. He’s the most successful athlete in the history of shooting, having also won 4 world and dozens of international competitions. He’s 44 years old.

The face of those who want to win

This is the face of those who want to get out of a bad moment and win the game. (Italy volleyball team was losing 2-0 against France, then it managed to overturn the result, winning 3-2, thanks to the inclusion of players who wanted to win, like the setter Baranowicz).

Volley, Mondiali: l'Italia ritrova l'orgoglio, battuta in rimonta la Francia

Italy gets out from the problems and wins

We are like that, you have to give us up for dead, we must walk a road full of holes as not win by more than six months and have important players injured (Montolivo, Rossi, Buffon, among others), to be considered as a minor soccer and are no longer competitive  before there Germans, Spanish and English teams. At this point, we who are not considered favorites resurrect, we are the best ones to take away from the brink and back up. Our opponents do not understand how this is possible, because this way of doing apparently is not logical for them, on the other hand it’s our way of being. We bow to adversity without break us and we raised we are ready to fight against anyone. The strategy is to hit opponents when they least expect it. Prandelli has organized a team that has managed to keep the ball at a trot while the England was faster in arriving at the net, with a continuous counter-attack on the right led by Candreva and Darmian and a final match based on the classic defense and counterattack. We were not even favored in the world championship of 1982 and 2006, and even then it was a period of great difficulty for our football. Al Pacino in the movie Any Given Sunday to his team in the locker room says that “every fight is the one who is willing to die to win that inch.” It’s an effective metaphor to explain the state of mind that Italy has been able to demonstrate in this first match of the world cup, coming out from the difficulties in which it was found this year with a new organization and the desire to win. Great, now we have to continue. Read it on Huffington Post.

Useless and harmful the match against the Ireland

Useless and harmful for injuries Montolivo and Aquilani the friendly match against Ireland. Italy did not win, as it has often happened in the past in the games leading up to the World Cup. Few holders in the field and many of those who were supposed to get noticed to find a place in the group they did not begin stood out. These games are good for nothing, they do not improve the player confidence and likely tthey leave a mood of dissatisfaction in all. Prandelli must make choices but I think that what we have seen in training should be more than enough to decide, especially knowing the Italian players that in the friendly matches rarely enter the field with a competitive and fighting attitude. So why play these matches, especially against a determined  and athletic opponent as the Irish, ey thhave repeatedly touched the goal and they wanted to win. Our players, as usual, did the least with the presumption to get the most .

Federica Pellegrini enjoys herself and reaches the final

Fun applies to everyone, not just for Federica Pellegrini. In fact, we are too often overly serious with ourselves, as if to do well it would be necessary to be concerned and totally focused. Instead, it is not uncommon for an athlete with this attitude put into a mental state in which he becomes too tense, living the event with an exaggerated apprehension . Conversely,an attitude stimulating mood states like the enthusiasm and the desire to have fun trigger positive feelings,  mental energy and desire to maintain this state during the competition. Federica Pellegrini did it with success and I am convinced that many athletes should have to choose the same track, to find out that this attitude is a key that leads to be satisfied with ourself.

Martina Grimaldi won the gold at 25km of the swimming world championship

Martina Grimaldi won the gold medal at 25 km of the  swimming world championship. with an unbelievable final sprint. Her time has been of 5h07’19″8 at one-tenth from the second, Germany’s Angela Maurer and 7 tenths from the third, U.S. Eva Fabian.

Martina Grimaldi commented: “I got discouraged after the beginning of  world championship. Took me head and heart. Today at the end I was just saying that I had to resist and try to bring something home … when I saw that we were three, I tried to run the final rush. I dedicate this gold to my parents and to those who stood by me these days. ”