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Good results from shooting

Buona settimana: Nicholas Antonini ha vinto il campionato italiano jr e Alessia Montanino il campionato del mondo universitario di fossa olimpica.



Silver medal for Pellielo at trap World Cup Final

Giovanni Pellielo adds another piece to the legend. Silver at the final of the Trap World Cup  involving the 12 2014 best trap shooters, Only a month he won the bronze medal at the World Championships and Olympic quota to go to the Olympics in Rio-2016. Pellielo has been successful to maintain year-round an unbelievable shooting quality and competitivei ntensity that no one else has in the trap shooting. Just remember that the last four events he reached three times in the final with a score of 124 out of 125 clay targets hit and the latter with 123 targets. Against Pellielo  his opponents, in this case the teammate Massimo Fabbrizi, they do  incredible races. In fact, in this competition in the final both have done the same score with 14 targets out of 15, in the shoot-off Pellielo made a mistake only at 19° target, which his opponent instead hit. During his career Pellielo won 3 Olympic individual medals, 4 individual world championship and 6 World Cup Finals.

Shooting world championship: non room for the distractions

It started today in Granada the Shooting World Championship. In this first day, the shooters have done two rounds which showed once again that this is a sport in which there is no room for mistakes. On 5t0 clays fired there are 12 athletes with the maximum score, they have not made ​​a mistake and 24 who have committed only one, out of a total of 145 participants. Six shooters will go in the final  and  after this first day there are 36 shooters that can realistically aspire to this result. The race is on three days and tomorrow there will be two more rounds. It will be ready for the competition who will sleep well tonight and tomorrow morning will think that it’s another day and will be focused only on the first and so on for 25 times. Woe to put further pressure but woe come even thinking “I’m shooting as well today.” Who will stay focused only on what is going to do and nothing else tomorrow night happy.

What we teach us the shooting champion Giovanni Pellielo

Giovanni Pellielo, Italian, 25 years of shooting, he won three world championships in Olympic trap and three Olympic medals to mention only the most important results. With this story he could have quit and started another career, becoming the personal coach of some young talent on which to use his competences. But he has not chosen this path. At London he has not entered into the final, certainly his performance was positive with 121 plates hit on 125 but needless to enter into the final. In the rarefied world of the shooting champions started to diffuse the idea that Pellielo was over, others were now the winners. Pellielo, like Tiger Woods and Federica Pellegrini before him,  did not accept this idea and came back to get ready. The results, he won the first major national competition with 124 on 125 targets and at the next session of the World Cup he improved of 1 more target, with the score 125 of 125 taken: world record. Now he can feel comfortable that no one thinks he is finished. Toughness, confidence and pride. Nobody becomes champion for nothing!

Olimpic trap was really cruel

The trap competition,  shooting, it was really cruel. The Croatian Cernogoraz won the gold medal but it was entered last in the final with 122 out of 125 target. Giovanni Pellielo, however, with one plate less, 121 out of 125, has been out of the final, finishing in seventh place. Michael Diamond had taken all the 125 plates equaling the world record, in the final five plates was missed and he was ranked only fourth.  Fabbrizi and Cernogoraz  have concluded with the same score the final, so they made a shotoff that lasted 6 plates, the sixth the Italian missed the target and finished in second place. In this sport the difference between the joy of victory and the sadness of defeat has really done nothing. The revenge for those who will be in four years.