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Cristiano Ronaldo is like Michael Jordan

Alberto Cei spoke to the Juventusnews24 microphones and clarified some psychological aspects of the world of football, between victories and defeats, especially on the eve of the resumption of the Serie A championship in Italy, scheduled for 12 June.

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“Cristiano Ronaldo, the personification of success through constant work on the pitch and sacrifice in training. His ethic remembers the Kobe Bryant’s mindset, a global basketball and sports legend. Are they in the same sphere of competitiveness?”

“In my opinion, this is about the goal to want to excel. We often use the word excellence inappropriately: excellence is a rare thing, otherwise it would not be so. It’s a bit like when Arrigo Sacchi says that the football players he was looking for must have an extraordinary motivation. In my opinion those levels of professionalism, like that of Cristiano Ronaldo and many other champions, require that approach otherwise you’re not there, you can be a good professional but it’s different. We’ve all seen “The Last Dance” lately with the story of Michael Jordan: Cristiano Ronaldo seems very similar to me, obviously there are differences in people’s character but I think the mindset of who wins the Olympics, as I’ve seen in my experience, is very similar. In sports psychology, this attitude is called “positive perfectionism” and it is the search for everything that can bring us closer to perfection, which is something that obviously does not exist, but it is an effective attitude, because it is functional to the achievement of great goals, otherwise it would be a psychological disorder”.

What excellence is


10% Talent & 90% Perspiration

Risultati immagini per gladiator fighting movie

Just to remind those who have forgotten for a moment

The 10 secrets of the excellent performances

  1. Focus only on what you’re going to do.
  2. It’s easy but it’s difficult to be persistent, you must practice
  3. The focus is on the timing of the action and never on the technical issues
  4. The performance takes place in a natural and automatic, not analytical
  5. Delete mistakes returning each time with the mind to the timing of the next action
  6. Deep breath to reduce excessive pressure
  7. Pych-up to increase the useful tension to action
  8. Visualize the  performance to delete doubts and concerns
  9. Have fun and pleasure for what you are doing
  10. Use pauses to restore physical and mental energy for the next action

Excellence: between madness and ambition to overcome any limit

search for Excellence is a destructive Madness

if you are not willing to Be Happy for not reaching it.

it needs the Balance of Reason

because the Ambition to Overcome any Limit does not turn from excellent Prowess  in dangerous Excess.

The three gold rules to be excellents

In any type of performance what really matters is:

to know how to learn,

to know how to correct the mistakes


to practice these two principles every day incessantly


What is competitiveness for Errani e Vinci

“To accomplish something difficult. To master, manipulate, or organize physical objects, human beings, or ideas. To overcome obstacles and attain a high standard. To rival and surpass others. It has  been written by H.A. Murray nel 1938. This is what Sara Errani e Roberta Vinci showed us today winning Wimbledon.

The numbers to accept to become excellent

Sport consists of statistics which can explain the fitness and technical expertise of an athlete, rather than the quality of the game and performance. As sport psychologist I want to give some numbers to highlight what needs to be done to aspire to build a winning mentality :

  • 3 – are the keys to success : commitment and dedication, family and friends, excellent coaches.
  • 4 – are the basic psychological skills: learning from experience, relaxation, positive self-talk and mental repetition.
  • 6 – are the stages of the athlete’s career: fun, moving, learn to train, train to train, learn to compete, learn how to win, retirement and career transition.
  • 7 – advanced psychological skills: goal setting, stress management, concentration, race management, performance evaluation, management of extra-sport life, coach -athlete relationship.
  • 700 – are the hours of training of a junior athlete.
  • 1,200 – are the hours of annual training of top athlete.
  • 10,000 – are the hours needed to become expert as athlete.
  • many thousands – are the mistakes to accept.

There is a lot of excellence in the Italian sport

We speak constantly of Italian fashion, food, art, and there is less talk of the excellence in our sport. Italian newspapers, starting from sports one, are bent to the will of the football power which participates in killing other sports. Pages for the resurrected Francesco Totti, if he has to be called in the national team, and a few lines or at most a column for Vanessa Ferrari, who won the silver medal at the age of 23 at gymnastics world championships or Giovanni Pellielo who won for the fourth time the trap world championships at forty years old. They are just the latest examples of how the sports culture is not part of us but only in the days of the Olympics. While we should be concerned about the crazy football dominated  in many cities by violent fans.

There is a relation between excellence and talent?

We often talk of talent as something strongly linked to excellence in performance. Often talk about talent is used as a criterion to eliminate some athletes, because according to someone they do not possess it or it’s used to nitpick forgetting the global relevance of the athlete. At this regard, the thought of a champion like Michael Phelps can serve to reflect on how much the athlete’s mental attitude is the main aspect to coach him/her to provide excellent performances.

“People say I have a great talent, but in my opinion excellence has nothing to do with talent. It is about what you choose to  believe and how determined you are to get there. The mind is more powerful than anything else.” (Michael Phelps)

Il perfezionismo positivo

Leggo un’intervista a Spielberg e a Jackson il produttore del film su Tintin dove afferma: ” Probabilmente abbiamo speso due o tre anni di lavoro per realizzare ogniparticolare nuance e sottigliezza del volto di Tintin. Steven e io abbiamo avuto lunghe video conferenze con il tem dei disegnatori … chiedeno loro “Gli occhi possono essere del 15% più piccoli? Le sopracciglia possono essere un po’ più basse?” Queste sono richieste di perfezionismo che il regista e il produttore avevano in mente e che in questo modo sono state soddisfatte. E’ un perfezionismo positivo perchè si è concretizzato in un risultato efficace. Un altro aspetto di questa ricerca è che richiede tempo, bisogna provare e riprovare e poi provare ancora. Nel frattempo si presentano degli ostacoli, ci sono fasi che sembrano insuperabili, poi viene il giorno in puzzle si compone e si giunge alla soluzione. Gli atleti, quelli bravi, fanno lo stesso ripetono migliaia di volte le stesse azioni con qualche piccola modifica fino a quando “appare” il movimento ottimale per loro stessi. A quel punto ci si allena per ripeterlo, entrando così nella fase chiamata della “disponibilità varaibile” in cui l’azione può essere avviata e condotta a termine indipendentemente dalle carattersitiche della situazione agonistica. Solo così si raggiunge l’eccellenza.