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Cristiano Ronaldo and the rule of 30 years

To understand Cristiano Ronaldo’s choice of probably going to play for Sporting Lisbon, thus not a top team, before talking as most articles did about the player’s narcissism and his outsized ego one should have explained what the rule is that most prestigious clubs respond to. This allows one to understand how it is possible that he found himself in this situation at the age of 37.

Instead, an article in the New York Times explains this concept well, which refers to when a footballer is considered old and considers the age of 30 as a watershed between two distinct career phases.

The age of 30 has always been considered a milestone. Alex Ferguson you have soccer players over30 provided an extra day of rest. Arsène Wenger, Arsenal’s coach, once midfielders and strikers reached 32, was only willing to offer them one-year contract extensions.

In short, after the age of 30 one is officially considered old.

Of course there are exceptions, Tottenham bought 33-year-old Croatian midfielder Ivan Perisic and it was the first time since 2017 that the club took a player of this age. Liverpool has not done so since 2016. Manchester City has not paid a signing for an outside player over the age of 30 in nearly a decade. Goalkeepers, who many believe boast greater longevity, are the only players who have been granted an exception. This is because the game has become much more intense and fast-paced, and younger players are considered better equipped to handle this load than older ones.

Into this big picture comes Cristiano Ronaldo, who is 37 years old, and however much he is coached, he no longer has the characteristics that made him unique. Added to this is his lack of interest in changing roles and responsibilities within the team. As a result, the 30-year rule and his mental rigidity have prevented him from having a role in a top team among those fighting to win the Champions League. Returning to Sporting Lisbon will not be easy, however, as the team cannot be centered on Ronaldo’s play while it would be more convenient for him to mentor the players and play a role similar to Ibrahimovic’s role in AC Milan. It is a difficult operation because it would mean for him to think and act in a different way from his usual one but it is not certain, also, that it corresponds to the interests of the club and the coach. We shall see.

Juventus: Moments that destroy a season

Fabio Capello analyzed the mistakes made by Juventus against Porto in the first and second matches, not sparing a harsh criticism towards Cristiano Ronaldo: “The first goal in the first match was a gift, great inaccuracy in the second, you can’t concede certain goals. The penalty kick tonight was another gift. Demiral was too naive, you cannot try to anticipate, it is a very serious mistake. But the top is this. Cristiano Ronaldo jumping and turning in the barrier. Whoever is in the barrier cannot be afraid of taking a hit. It is an unforgivable mistake that has no excuse”.

Capello is completely right and reiterates the concept that besides the play of a team, in soccer it is the single episodes that determine the result of the match and in this case the elimination from the most important European competition for a soccer team.

But … if this is the situation, how can these mistakes be avoided. Above all, those of Bentancur and Ronaldo, absolutely avoidable mistakes that have changed the evaluation of an entire competitive season.

The problem is not so much the distraction in itself but the effect it has. This is what the players should remember before acting in this way.

Superficiality or even presumption that nothing so bad can happen.Probably team also not very united, there does not seem to be someone with the role of keeping high the attention in these moments.
Probably team also not very united, there does not seem to be someone with the role of keeping high attention in these moments.

Porto has deservedly won because it has been more consistent in keeping the attention high, Juventus has shown too many ups and downs and consequently has paid these moments of distraction.

How much does Juventus train to avoid these episodes from happening? Moments that destroy a season.

Cristiano Ronaldo is like Michael Jordan

Alberto Cei spoke to the Juventusnews24 microphones and clarified some psychological aspects of the world of football, between victories and defeats, especially on the eve of the resumption of the Serie A championship in Italy, scheduled for 12 June.

Read the interview.

“Cristiano Ronaldo, the personification of success through constant work on the pitch and sacrifice in training. His ethic remembers the Kobe Bryant’s mindset, a global basketball and sports legend. Are they in the same sphere of competitiveness?”

“In my opinion, this is about the goal to want to excel. We often use the word excellence inappropriately: excellence is a rare thing, otherwise it would not be so. It’s a bit like when Arrigo Sacchi says that the football players he was looking for must have an extraordinary motivation. In my opinion those levels of professionalism, like that of Cristiano Ronaldo and many other champions, require that approach otherwise you’re not there, you can be a good professional but it’s different. We’ve all seen “The Last Dance” lately with the story of Michael Jordan: Cristiano Ronaldo seems very similar to me, obviously there are differences in people’s character but I think the mindset of who wins the Olympics, as I’ve seen in my experience, is very similar. In sports psychology, this attitude is called “positive perfectionism” and it is the search for everything that can bring us closer to perfection, which is something that obviously does not exist, but it is an effective attitude, because it is functional to the achievement of great goals, otherwise it would be a psychological disorder”.

Amazing Cristiano Ronaldo

Amazing Cristiano Ronaldo!!! Like Michael Jordan.

ImmagineMichael Jordan rejects the New Jersey Nets' Chris Gatling at the rim in Game 1 of an Eastern Conference playoffs first-round series in 1998. With Jordan scoring 32 or more points in each game, the Bulls made quick work of the Nets, eliminating them in three games.

10 success rules of Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo as tennis player?

Indisputable phenomenon with the ball at his feet but, according to some, even with the hypothetical big tennis player. Cristiano Ronaldo was chosen by Boris Becker as a football player that could be expressed well in the court: “Tennis is a very demanding sport – Becker said on CNN- very physical demanding, For this reason I think that Ronaldo is cut out for this sport also for the readiness of his reaction.”