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We are what we do daily

Aristotle said that “We are what we do consistently. Excellence then is not an act but a habit.” In fact, the sport is full of stories of young people who have been ruined by their talento (physical and technical), because they thought this gift was enough to be successful and then when life put them in face of conclusive evidence they have lost and disappeared. Because we are what we do every day; study, work and training for athletes. So excellence comes from the habit of training with a total commitment and dedication. Who does not understand that this is the way to go day by day believes to go ahead mainly with the natural talent, but unfortunately it’s only an illusion that the first bumps will destroy.

L’eccellenza è un’abitudine

Aristotele diceva che “Noi siamo ciò che facciamo costantemente. L’eccellenza quindi non è un atto ma una abitudine.” In semifinale vincerà la squadra che si sarà più allenata a gestire lo stress agonistico e a lottare in ogni momento di gioco fino alla fine, indipendentemente dal risultato parziale che si andrà manifestando.