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What is competitiveness for Errani e Vinci

“To accomplish something difficult. To master, manipulate, or organize physical objects, human beings, or ideas. To overcome obstacles and attain a high standard. To rival and surpass others. It has  been written by H.A. Murray nel 1938. This is what Sara Errani e Roberta Vinci showed us today winning Wimbledon.


Reading the interviews with Ivan Lendl and Andy Murray are confirmed a few simple rules that are the basis of any success.
  • Lendl has agreed to coach Murray for his working ethic for tennis.
  • Murray recognizes Lendl, beyond the technical skills, for the reason he teached him how to play the Slam and also how to live the tournaments outside the camp, without to lose energy.
  • Lendl enjoys coaching Murray because he really wants to improve.

Murray is a talent, he already was  among the first in the world, but thanks to these teachings on how to use his mind he can realistically play to become the number 1.