Which athlete I want to become

It is important and useful to ask the question: How good do I want to be?
It is not presumptuous to ask this question, it serves to set a goal and figure out how hard I need to work to achieve it.
For a young person it is not enough to have decided to pursue a career as an athlete.

The next question will be about which athlete I want to become.

  • The best in my city?
  • The best in my country?
  • An international level athlete?
  • The world champion?

If I don’t answer these questions how do I know if the sport path I am involved in is adequate to reach my goal?

To understand what kind of future I want, answer these questions below.

…I am motivated to excellence if I want to:

  • Do something difficult.
  • Feel energized.
  • Lead people or guide myself effectively, efficiently and ethically.
  • Go beyond obstacles and maintain high standards.
  • Excel for myself.
  • Increase awareness by observing my own successful experiences.

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