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Be subjected or control?

“You got a choice – you either come in & let your circumstances control your attitude – or you let your attitude control your circumstances.” Attitude is critical to overcoming adversity.

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Having problems is a problem for you?

Did you train yourself with this mindset? Or you have the bad habit to believe that having problems is a problem.

The greatest battles we ever win are the battles that we win against our fears and worries.

The 10 ultimate questions to build a winning attitude

10 ultimate questions for coaches and mental coaches:

  1. How much are you convinced that beyond the technical/tactical and physical fitness, attitude is the basis to achieve great successes?
  2. How much time do you spend to change the attitude of your athletes to their mistakes?
  3. How do you teach that the warm-up is not only physical but also mental?
  4. How do you teach that the attitude towards the physical and mental fatigue is crucial for improving confidence during the events?
  5. How do you teach that it’s necessary to fight moment to moment without thinking about the result?
  6. Do you stop the training because the attitude is wrong?
  7. How often do you award the attitude rather than the result?
  8. How much time do you spend on teaching that attitudes before the competition and during the breaks are the basis of the following performance?
  9. How much time do you spend thinking about how your attitudes affect those of your athletes?
  10. How do you specifically assess and talk with athletes about their attitude in training and competition?

Is the attitude during the game to do the difference


The losing attitude of Italy

In football, the goal is a rare event and as such can be achieved at any time, at the first or the last minute as ever. For this reason it is necessary to be aggressive, determined, motivated and united as a team, to do what it takes to score a goal. Italy yesterday did not show this attitude and it’s not enough to hope in Buffon and in the inventions of Pirlo for Balotelli. Costa Rica is a team that believed instead, in the result to remember for a lifetime: to beat Italy. We too have a dream like Pirlo said and that is to win the world cup, but to reach it we have to fight every game independently from the opponents.’This is the attitude that Garcia and Conte have taught their teams, Roma and Juventus, and that’s what was missing yesterday to our team. Falling 11 times in the offside trap means not being focused as much as was necessary. To say that you cannot expect a gwhen you are on goal if you enter in the match for only 20 minutes, it means not to have realized that instead this is what is asked of you, otherwise the coach would put in another player. To take a booking because you are nervous, it means that you do not have the mentality to deal with the commitments of this competitive level. Too many individual actions and insisted dribbling at the end of the game show little research of others and the desire to become the Saviour of the game. “I Excited? There are no emotions, “said Cassano. Buffon and Pirlo would not statements of this type even though they are accustomed to games so important.  A the contrary the emotional charge as a team has been absent. The tension the team feels before going into the field, pushing the commitment beyond thefatigue and trouble because you feel ready. The emotions permit to raise the threshold of physical and mental fatigue. In the words of a famous African saying: every morning, no matter whether you are a lion or a gazelle, the important thing is that you begin to run.

Matteo Manassero’s mental attitude

Matteo Manassero, 20 years old golf champion, has clear ideas about some of the mental aspects in which instead most of the young, too talented, shows the wrong attitude. Perhaps it is a champion thanks to this way of living golf.

The points are these:

Errors: “Can I afford to waste a week … I have to remind to myself more often: if I play bad for a month, it’s not the last of my life. Life I still all in front of  me.”

Fun: “I vary the shots, completing a lap without making mistakes.  It’s nice when I shot and the ball goes straight, when I walk and  conclude the putt.”

Attitude of the golfer: “Looking at the expressions, attitudes before under pressure shots: the top player is unflappable, always. Besides observing the elegance and the pace of technical movements, the perfect balance of the swing.”

(Interview published today in the Italian newspaper laRepubblica)

Ability, motivation and attitude

Go back to think on what it means excellence with Lou Holtz‘s thought, football coach, it may be useful

“Ability is what you’re capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.”

What is your attitude during training?

Napoli unsuccessful emotional condition

Yesterday I wondered who between Juventus and Napoli would have shown the will to win from the start of the game and Juve did it from the first moment. It would be useful to understand why this state of mind it has been demonstrated by Napoli only during the second time it has provided, as we say, “a proof of pride.” In my opinion an experienced coach like Benitez should have parameters to determine if before an important game his team is in the best emotional state to face an opponent that you know the game system and as well you know the fighting spirit that, his coach, Conte is able to convey to his players. With this awareness, you go in knowing what  it’s very likely to happen the field and that really did take place. Of course the players are not robots that perform the Benitez’s order, however, a team that wants to win cannot enter the pitch with that attitude. So I think it is important for Napoli to understand how the attitude of the players has been so dismissive, you may be inferior in terms of quality of play, but not in relation to the will to face to the best of your abilities the opponents. The only one who has shown a positive approach was Reina, the Napoli goalkeeper, who has played his role with determination. Napoli needs to improve its ability to go in the field with the emotional condition allowing to play a game with determination, otherwise the class of individual players and the team will remain locked in a drawer where you’ve lost the key.

Napoli was not ready, but it didn’t know it

Be aware the team was going to enter the field with the wrong attitude; this is missed to Napoli against Arsenal. Hamsik summarizes the thinking of the team: “In matches like this one you cannot give 15′.” Then it becomes difficult to reassemble. They have been devastating, but we started very badly.” Right, but what they did in locker room to be in the mental condition necessary to be immediately competitive. Many times teams think to have the right attitude, but it’s not true and they do almost nothing to train themselves to recognize if their pregame mood  is useful to play well or it can be an obstacle. Think to be ready is not the same to feel ready, if you do not understand this difference, you cannot improve and you have to wait to play the first 5 minutes of the game to find out. There are techniques to get to know/put yourself in the best pregame condition, I guess Napoli did not know it.