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Football is fun

“Football is fun,” said the other day Paolo Casarin, great connoisseur of the human soul and football expert. It may seem a trivial statement but it is not at all. If the players would just play to have fun like they were kids they would have less stress and the games would be much better.

Have fun takes away stress and fatigue to the game. Have fun means recognizing that they play to realize their passion. Having fun is being able to turn the child’s passion in a work. Having fun is to say: “who would have thought that I was coming up to here, it’s fantastic.”

If the players stop having this approach to football, they kill the child within themselves and not having fun anymore. The stress to correspond in every match to the expectations of the club, teammates, fans can become a big problem.

Real Madrid-Barcelona: when soccer is again passionating

Last night it has been played Real Madrid – Barcelona and it was a great game of football. It’s finished 4-3 to Barcelona but such it’s the quality of the players on the field that it could have also finish 6 to 6. They face two different play philosophies, that of Real Madrid centered on the single individuality who can solve in any moments the matches that of Barcelona dominated the chorus of the play. Two teams who wanted to win and then become available to undergo the continuous attacks of the opponents. A game in which the players run, not for  sacrifice spirit, but for the need to maintain a high intensity, not to give opponents the time to restart with ease. Maintain high pressure on opponents is an attitude that Barcelona was able to show better than Real Madrid. There were three penalties because the quality of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Iniesta is such that the defenders had to make a foul to stop them. When two teams made up of so many champions come into the field to win the show is sure, they are players who do not slow down and convey to the public their willingness to take risks, to play ball for the pleasure it gives to do it effectively. It’s certainly their job but they have forwarded that football is their passion and they played with that attitude. Like in children’s matches in which everyone wants to play and score.

Matteo Manassero’s mental attitude

Matteo Manassero, 20 years old golf champion, has clear ideas about some of the mental aspects in which instead most of the young, too talented, shows the wrong attitude. Perhaps it is a champion thanks to this way of living golf.

The points are these:

Errors: “Can I afford to waste a week … I have to remind to myself more often: if I play bad for a month, it’s not the last of my life. Life I still all in front of  me.”

Fun: “I vary the shots, completing a lap without making mistakes.  It’s nice when I shot and the ball goes straight, when I walk and  conclude the putt.”

Attitude of the golfer: “Looking at the expressions, attitudes before under pressure shots: the top player is unflappable, always. Besides observing the elegance and the pace of technical movements, the perfect balance of the swing.”

(Interview published today in the Italian newspaper laRepubblica)

The five baseball dad commandments


This sign was posted in front of stands at the Little League park in Maryland where my son played a tournament this weekend. If only I had seen it before I wrote about cretinous baseball parents a month ago. The sign is like a Dante’s Inferno for Little League parental sins, perfectly capturing the loutish behavior in order of severity.

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Federica Pellegrini enjoys herself and reaches the final

Fun applies to everyone, not just for Federica Pellegrini. In fact, we are too often overly serious with ourselves, as if to do well it would be necessary to be concerned and totally focused. Instead, it is not uncommon for an athlete with this attitude put into a mental state in which he becomes too tense, living the event with an exaggerated apprehension . Conversely,an attitude stimulating mood states like the enthusiasm and the desire to have fun trigger positive feelings,  mental energy and desire to maintain this state during the competition. Federica Pellegrini did it with success and I am convinced that many athletes should have to choose the same track, to find out that this attitude is a key that leads to be satisfied with ourself.

Michelle Obama and the sport at school

From Sport Illustrated Kids, interview to Michelle Obama, talking about the relevance to practice sport at school.

“We have a challenge. Kids are spending most of their day in school, where there is not a lot of activity on a daily basis. And they’re coming home to spend the rest of that day in front of a TV, or on an iPad, or on some kind of screen. So, that leaves very little time for movement. Schools are the best place to incorporate exercise because kids need that break in between studies to just give their minds a chance to settle. We want to make sure people understand that movement isn’t just about being a good athlete. There are a lot of kids who shy away from activity because they think, “Well, I’m not coordinated.” But the truth is that movement is pumping your arms, it’s dancing, it’s touching your toes, it’s identifying your physical strengths and not comparing yourself to your classmate, because we are all different. So we want to make activity fun again for kids in schools.”