Italy gets out from the problems and wins

We are like that, you have to give us up for dead, we must walk a road full of holes as not win by more than six months and have important players injured (Montolivo, Rossi, Buffon, among others), to be considered as a minor soccer and are no longer competitive  before there Germans, Spanish and English teams. At this point, we who are not considered favorites resurrect, we are the best ones to take away from the brink and back up. Our opponents do not understand how this is possible, because this way of doing apparently is not logical for them, on the other hand it’s our way of being. We bow to adversity without break us and we raised we are ready to fight against anyone. The strategy is to hit opponents when they least expect it. Prandelli has organized a team that has managed to keep the ball at a trot while the England was faster in arriving at the net, with a continuous counter-attack on the right led by Candreva and Darmian and a final match based on the classic defense and counterattack. We were not even favored in the world championship of 1982 and 2006, and even then it was a period of great difficulty for our football. Al Pacino in the movie Any Given Sunday to his team in the locker room says that “every fight is the one who is willing to die to win that inch.” It’s an effective metaphor to explain the state of mind that Italy has been able to demonstrate in this first match of the world cup, coming out from the difficulties in which it was found this year with a new organization and the desire to win. Great, now we have to continue. Read it on Huffington Post.

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