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Eliud Kipchoge moves human limits forward

If the marathon is a metaphor for life; Eliud Kipchoge’s performance is the demonstration that the limits are a cultural expression that can be overcome with work.

You have to lead a life adequate to the goals you want to achieve and what you want to succeed.

Some people argue that unexpected events can prevent this from happening. That is true, but you have to commit yourself every day as if it could not happen.

Excellence does not require two lose the private life, which instead must find a place within the project.

It is said that “if you don’t dream big, you’re not realistic”, we have to teach it to young people.

You have to want everything, knowing that only by working hard and at best you could get it, but nothing and no one can ever guarantee this satisfaction: you have to run the risk of failure having given everything.

Eliud Kipchoge challenge the human limits

Eliud KipchogeKenyan

  • 35 years, 1m67, 52 Kg
  • Marathon runner, 230km week
  • Married, 3 children
  • Olympic gold and world recordman on the marathon in 2h1m39s

Goal: Run the marathon in 1h59m in Vienna in the next few days

Mental Attitude (mindset)

  • Training, passion and self-discipline
  • He writes down everything he does in notebooks.
  • He writes down his feelings to remember them
  • Read Aristotle, Confucius and Paul Coelho
  • He runs with his mind relaxed
  • “Respect a law, that of never telling you lies”
  • “Only the disciplined are free, the others are slaves to moods and passions.”
  • “When I train, I try to feel my body and give more and more. I don’t believe in limits.
  • “You have to have a great conviction and a team that believes in you and supports you. Shoes are also important. And then you have to be stronger than any other runner in the past. Everything is possible”.
  • “Marathon is life. If you want to be happy you have to enjoy life and I enjoy running the marathon. That’s why I smile.

He leads a spartan life:

  • Always gets up at 5 a.m. in Kaptagat (Kenya)
  • The weekend returns to the family
  • He cleans his room and bathroom
  • He washes his knits and socks in a bowl that he then spreads like the others
  • In the afternoon, he drinks a cup of tea and eats a slice of bread.

(Source: Emanuela Audisio, Repubblica e correre.it)

The women surfer and the great waves

Justine Dupont, French surfer, holds the European record for having ridden the wave higher for a woman.


Kilian Burgada went up & down from Cervino in less than 3 h

It’s a great athletic performance that Kilian Jornet Burgada did, he went up and down from the Cervino (Matterhorn) in less than 3 hours, beating the record held by the Italian Brunod, dated back to 1995. The Catalan athlete reached the top in less than two hours and fell back with a mad rush between walls, crevices, meadows and sliding on snow in 55 minutes. Burgada also holds the record for the Mont Blanc and now he wants to runs to Aconcagua, McKinkley and Everest. Burgada is a skyrunner and as he himself says, what he likes is the life of skyrunner and not only the extreme performance. There are not rational reasons to perform this kind of performance, it’s the inner passion that drives these people and that makes you love the lifestyle necessary to reach these goals.  They are an example of how varied it’s  the human nature to choose the way to realize ourselves.

Su e giù dal Cervino in meno di 3 ore, l'impresa di Kilian

Great Stefania Cagnotto

Stefania Cagnotto  with eighteen European medals reaches the absolute record of the

Russian Dmitri Sautin (12 gold, 4 silver, 2 bronze continental)

Giovanni Soldini leaves today for the record

Happy New Year

Giovanni Soldini

in search of the records in the two oceans