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Exercise and cancer prevention

  1. Getting regular exercise is about to become increasingly important to help prevent cancer.
  2. A growing number of people report gaining weight after cutting back on physical activity, while others say they eat more junk food.
  3. Being overweight or obese leaves individuals vulnerable to tissue damage and cancer development, with more than a dozen types of cancer that have been linked to excess weight in recent studies.
  4. Tobacco and smoking remain the leading cause of cancer; obesity is now the second highest risk and is likely to become the leading cause in the future.
  5. People are quitting smoking but increasing numbers are becoming overweight and obese.
  6. It is predicted that by 2040 obesity will have surpassed smoking as the leading preventable cause of cancer.
  7. breast and bowel cancers benefit from better physical activity.
  8. Scientists found that gentle exercise reduced levels of liver inflammation in mice, which can lead to tumors, and improved metabolism in older mice, even in those that had advanced liver disease. Physiological activityResearch is important because liver cancer rates in humans have increased by three-fifths in the UK over the past decade,
  9. 135,000 cases of cancer – about four out of 10 British cases – could be prevented each year largely through lifestyle changes with more physical activity.
  10. The real problem is having too much fat in our bodies. However, there is plenty of evidence that helping people become more active can do a lot of good. And this area is understudied, so it’s very possible that there may be more cancer prevention benefits through increased physical activity that we don’t yet know about.
(Source: The Guardian)

92 year old Harriette Thompson finishes the marathon

A 92-year-old cancer survivor has become the oldest woman to finish a marathon. American Harriette Thompson ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in San Diego in seven hours, 24 minutes and 36 seconds. Having survived three bouts of oral cancer, Thompson crossed the line accompanied by her son Brenny, 56. Aged 92 years and 65 days, Thompson took the record of 92 years and 19 days set by Gladys Burrill in the Honolulu Marathon in 2010. ”I guess it’s sort of unusual now,” she said. “But in 10 years it won’t be ususual at all. People are living longer … I guess the secret is just keep going and pleasant thoughts.” Thompson, a two-time cancer survivor,  runs to raise awareness and funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.

Get out the cancer with the team spirit

Sintini con la moglie al Giro d'Italia

Giacomo Sintini is a Italian volleyball player, setter of the Italian champion team. But last year the situation was very different. Jack is not the same as before, has continuous pain in the ribs and the scapula. Take a few tests to understand that the situation is serious. “The severe pain that I felt, explains Jack, were due to the continuous micro-fractures in the ribs. But the trauma of the sport have nothing to do. Within a bone there was a tumor lesion continues to grow more and more able to reduce the ribs and cause me great pain. It was a stage IV lymphoma development. “A diagnosis ruthless able to knock anyone, even a tough guy like James Sintini. “It’s all over. You cannot think like that when they tell you that you have a cancer. The hematologists had confirmed that the situation was bad enough. Me and my family remained petrified, completely in despair”says Sintini. Today defeated this disease, thanks to the care received, but he himself said that it was a real team effort did with the doctors and his family, which has prevented even in the most painful not to lose hope power to heal. (www.fondazioneveronesi.it/la-tua-salute/giro-d-italia/guarire-grazie-alla-ricerca-il-cancro-si-pu-sconfiggere-parola-di-giacomo-sintini/4504)

Embrace between Vilanova e Abidal

An image that does not need comments: the return of Tito Vilanova (Barcelona’s coach) after the period of illness and the embrace with Eric Abidal who has struggled and continues to struggle with the same disease.

I win for sure

“I win for sure” are not the words of a sport champion. They are the Federica’ words, woman, 30 years old, who is fighting against cancer. She wants to tell us knowing how much is important not hide but to share this experience and to do something every day to win it. It’s an incredible story that one of the persons who have to do chemiotherapy, which takes care of but physically and mentally exhausted those who submit to them. Talking about it is never enough, it needs to us who have not thecancer and it needs to those who have it to share their struggle. This is a race of absolute valuer because at the award is the life.


To win the cancer

This is the story of Amanda Mercer, 44 yeras old, that four months after being operated on for breast cancer, along with other teammates, set a new record of team swimming the English Channel. After the surgery the doctors had not only recommended Amanda to start this challenge, but she was told that she could never do it, much less training because the chemotherapy would make her very sick and weakened. Her instinctive response to this reply was: “They do not know me.” Nine days after the first chemo went to swim and made just 1 km, very slowly but it felt good. After 12 days, began to swim faster and again he was convinced that he would make it. The second and third chemo were terribles. She could no longer keep up with her teammates, she was tired, but the heart told her that shewould have done anyway. Fourteen days after the last chemo Amanda was on the boat ready to dive into the cold water of the English Channel for her first round of an hour of swimming. After the first two rounds she began to feel tired with a strong nausea, if she had not dive into the sea the team would be disqualified. She dived anyway and after a few minutes was overcome by fatigue and negative thoughts. She began to think of a friend who had an incurable disease and that what she was feeling was nothing compared to the situation that Bob lived. The body began to react positively, thought also to her husband who was waiting on the beach in Dover and concentrated to count the strokes. The cancer did not stop her, it did her just go slower.

More on  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/amanda-mercer/breast-cancer-awareness_b_1955095.html 

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