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Change to continue to be Federer

“To be able to face the youngest I had to reinvent my way to play tennis is constantly evolving.”

Federer shows that we can change even when we are 38.

Nadal: I play to be the most competitive

Play to be the most competitive. This seems to be the purpose of Nadal, and not to become the No.1 again or exceed Federer for number of victories.

Nadal plays tennis because he likes this sport and he is constantly striving to keep this opportunity as long as possible. He understood and integrated in him that to win you don’t have to worry about winning, but only the best diet for him, the best training for him, the best self-care for him determine the most competitive man on the court.

What happens before the match determines what he will do in the court. The game is the peak of this preparation aimed at experiencing the maximum pleasure in demonstrating to themself and the world his competitiveness.

Nadal vince gli Us Open dopo una sfida infinita contro Medvedev

Amazing Roger Federer #100

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Federer: to win he said “don’t mess it up”

I often talk with young tennis players of the importance to lead themselves during the matches. Most of them uses too often complicated thoughts and want to show brilliant shots. In my opinion, this thoughts prevents being concrete and do simple things, waiting for the right moment to close the point.

Everyone talk about Federer exceptional tennis but rarely pointed out that the mental approach to the game comes before very other thing.

In this interview, instead, the same Federer remind us about the importance of the mental attitude. These sentences clearly highlight this approach, when he says that in the fourth set his mind was wandering too much and then he tells himself: “Don’t mess it up.”

So first of all, we need to support ourselves and then let’s focus on every point.

“The problem in the fourth set was that my mind was all over the place,” Federer told Australia’s Seven Network. “I was so close and I was telling myself, ‘Don’t mess it up,’ and then that’s exactly what I did. I got a bit lucky at the beginning of the fifth set. I personally don’t think I would have come back if he’d broken me first.”

For Federer impossible is nothing

This means to believe that impossible is possible.

When to withdraw from a top sport career

The career of the athletes is lengthening more and more, especially that of most who continue their winning streak. From Roger Federer to Valentina Vezzali or Francesco Totti are many  the sport stars who find themselves in this situation. So what it’s the basis to take the decision to continue rather than to give up the sport. Putting aside any physical problems that may prevent or limit the continuation of the career, the decisive element to be taken into consideration is the motivation and dedication that must continue to be strong and intense.

  • Motivation means that they will reach the goals set  through their commitment.
  • Dedication is referred to the intensity with which the purpose is pursued and results in the commitment with which they are working on a daily basis.

When the athletes show these two psychological dimensions they know that it’s not yet time to withdraw and their coaches have a  sure parameter  to measure the will of their athletes, instead of relying only on the chronological age or years of career variables that can stimulate the prejudices and stereotypes of the coaches.

I tanti modi di fare parlare di sport

Tanti modi di fare parlare di sport: dal voyeurismo sul costume di due atlete inglesi di beachvolley, per cui fotografando il loro lato B si possono vincere delle scommesse, alla traversata della nuotarice Nyad (over60) da Cuba a Miami iniziata oggi e che si concluderà mercoledì. Oppure la Pellegrini: sono di più le persone che scrivono/leggono delle sue imprese o quelle interessate al gossip? Molti sono i campioni di cui si conosce solo la vita sportiva, fra questi Federer che compie trent’anni. Auguri a lui e alla sua capacità di tenere separata la vita privata e quella sportiva, la cultura sportiva dalla ricerca del guadagno a ogni costo.