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When to withdraw from a top sport career

The career of the athletes is lengthening more and more, especially that of most who continue their winning streak. From Roger Federer to Valentina Vezzali or Francesco Totti are many  the sport stars who find themselves in this situation. So what it’s the basis to take the decision to continue rather than to give up the sport. Putting aside any physical problems that may prevent or limit the continuation of the career, the decisive element to be taken into consideration is the motivation and dedication that must continue to be strong and intense.

  • Motivation means that they will reach the goals set  through their commitment.
  • Dedication is referred to the intensity with which the purpose is pursued and results in the commitment with which they are working on a daily basis.

When the athletes show these two psychological dimensions they know that it’s not yet time to withdraw and their coaches have a  sure parameter  to measure the will of their athletes, instead of relying only on the chronological age or years of career variables that can stimulate the prejudices and stereotypes of the coaches.