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10 action to control anger

Here are 10 actions to control anger:

  1. Deep Breathing - When you start to feel anger, take deep breaths to calm yourself. Inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth can reduce tension.
  2. Take a Break - If possible, step away from the situation or the person triggering your anger. A short break can help you collect your thoughts.
  3. Use Visualization - Imagine a calm and serene place to divert your mind from anger.
  4. Write Your Feelings - Keeping an emotions journal can help you express your feelings in a constructive way.
  5. Talk to Someone Trustworthy - Sharing your feelings with a friend or family member can be cathartic and provide support.
  6. Practice Assertiveness - Learn to communicate clearly and respectfully without resorting to aggression.
  7. Physical Exercise - Physical activity can help release tension and improve your mood.
  8. Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Practice progressive muscle relaxation to reduce physical tension.
  9. Meditation and Mindfulness - These techniques can help you stay calm and distance yourself from anger.
  10. Seek Professional Help - If anger is a persistent problem that negatively affects your life, consider consulting a psychologist or therapist to acquire tools for more effective anger management.

Remember that anger management is a process that takes time and practice. Use these strategies consistently to improve your ability to handle anger in a healthy and effective way.

How to coach mentally in this new lockdown phase

We are again experiencing a period of difficulty to train and compete, moreover for many sports these opportunities have been totally cancelled and the athletes are at home or at most in the parks to train themselves only physically.

This situation generates concern and anxiety in everyone and in the athletes the loss of their daily activities and competitions creates even more negative emotions. They run the risk of believing that there is nothing else to do but suffer the present and wait!

There is no bigger mistake than thinking in this way. On your own, however, it is difficult to react to these thoughts that penetrate in the mind.

For this reason I have built a mental training system to regain confidence and control of thoughts and emotions. It is a practical system, composed of exercises that improve personal self-control. It certainly takes time, 30 minutes every day, but it is a training and the results, as for any other skill, can be obtained only with daily practice.

Who wants to receive more information about this system, its duration, activities to do and achievable results can write to this blog and will be contacted.

I suggest to abstain to those who think it will be easy or not time consuming.

10 good reasons to take a deep breath

10 good reasons to learn to take a deep breath

  1. improves self-control in stress situations
  2. improves the management of physical and mental fatigue
  3. first action to take when you want to relax
  4. precedes the visualization of a technical or competition action
  5. reduces the mental tension and stimulates effective thoughts
  6. promotes muscle stretching during this phase of training
  7. reduces impulsive verbal responses
  8. facilitates immediate recovery after a high intensity exercise
  9. further deepens the focus on the task
  10. reduces pre-race or competitive activation if it’s the case

Basic mental skills

The basic mental skills can be learned at any age and they are independent from the motor and sport skill level.