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One thought forever

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May the force of your thoughts and emotions

always lead you

to achieve new goals

Lamar Jackson: the new inspirational football phenomenon

Al Pacino said this words of him, Lamar Jackson: “I watch this guy Lamar Jackson. There are occasionally these players that are inspiring because you can see the game that they play is a game, and you can actually sense the joy they have in what they do. That’s inspiring. Watching Lamar Jackson is an inspiration to actors,” Pacino said.

“Finding that pocket, finding, where is that joy that gets under you and brings you out? The freedom to let go of the conscious, and get it to the unconscious and fly like he does? … You can clearly see it. The you watch how he throws with such accuracy. He seems so comfortable throwing a football, like he’s being doing it all his life.”

Now watch the videos, and the amazing actions he did it, with tactique intelligence, creativity, speed decision and fast movements!

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Projection medals Tokyo 2020

Based on the results achieved in the last World Championships of the various Olympic disciplines, Luciano Barra, former manager of Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) has built this table making a projection of the medals that Italy and other nations could win in Tokyo 2020. (list ordered according to the number of gold medals) and that puts Italy in 13th place with 8 gold medals, 12 silver and 17 bronze.

To be among the “top 10″ should be a rule for our country but at the moment, according to the results, South Korea, New Zealand and Hungary are ahead.

Luciano Barra wonders what can be done in last months to improve the current projection: “The success of an athlete is linked to four distinct moments that, hypothetically, are worth 25% of the potential. The first is linked to the … genes inherited from his parents and the push of his family; the second to the goodness of the various past and present technical guides; the third to the support of clubs, federations and CONI; the last, the final and most important one, concerns motivation. We can and must work on this last hour”.

1. USA 51 29 27 107
2. R.P. CINA 43 30 23 96
3. FED. RUSSA 28 26 18 72
4. GIAPPONE 18 26 17 61
5. AUSTRALIA 17 18 16 51
6. OLANDA 14 14 10 38
7. GR.BRETAGNA 13 15 23 51
8. GERMANIA 13 9 18 40
9. FRANCIA 11 8 20 39
10. SUD COREA 9 6 11 26
11. UNGHERIA 9 5 3 17
12 N. ZELANDA 9 2 6 17
13. ITALIA 8 12 17 37
14. BRASILE 7 7 7 21
15. SPAGNA 6 9 11 26
16. POLONIA 5 7 8 20
17. UCRAINA 5 5 8 18
18. KENYA 5 2 4 11
19. CANADA 4 2 16 22
20. TURCHIA 3 6 6 15
21 GIAMAICA 3 5 4 12
22. SERBIA 3 5 3 11
23. DANIMARCA 3 4 5 12
24. CUBA 3 4 2 9
25. REP. CECA 3 3 2 8

The worst sentences to say and listen

The worst sentences for me to say and to listen. I did not translate in English because I suppose there way to say, that cannot understood by a translation word by word. So find which are yours:

  1. Non ci pensare
  2. Non ti preoccupare
  3. Dormici sopra
  4. Stai calmo
  5. Non te la prendere
  6. Te l’avevo detto
  7. Se me lo dicevi prima
  8. Dici sempre le stesse cose
  9. Sei sempre il solito
  10. Non hai ancora imparato
  11. Fai sempre gli stessi errori
  12. Lo fai apposta
  13. Allora non vuoi proprio capire
  14. Che parlo a fare con te, non ascolti
  15. Non vuoi proprio capirmi
  16. Ti ho detto mille volte come devi fare
  17. Se ti dico che non devi pensare, non devi pensare
  18. Hai mai visto qualcuno comportarsi così?
  19. Mi fai perdere la pazienza
  20. Se non cresci, addio!
  21. Ti ho mai detto di fare così?
  22. Se non vuoi farlo per me, fallo almeno per i tuoi compagni
  23. Dico io, dopo tanti anni fai ancora questi errori
  24. Chiunque al tuo posto avrebbe fatto meglio
  25. Parlo al vento?
  26. Eppure credevo in te!
  27. Da domani non ti dico più niente, se sbagli, sbagli!
  28. Ma cosa pensavi, che sarei rimasto per sempre qui a risolvere i tuoi problemi?
  29. Se ti arrabbi/deprimi gli dai importanza
  30. Non essere polemico!

Ibrahimovic at Milan:will he lead the rebirth?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will play for the next 6 months at AC Milan. There’s a lot of talk about the reasons of this choice on the part of the Club: “Is he too old (38 years)? “He was retired in Los Angeles, how will he fit into the Italian championship?”.

Only he can know if he will be the Savior of the homeland, taking the leadership to lead Milan on the pitch with his fighting attitude, playing the role of Chief in the locker room and in the match. It seems to me, that this is the challenge he would have accepted, choosing to come back and play in Milan. In this way we will have the chance to see if his famous statements continue to represent him or if they too will have aged:

“I don’t accept losing, I just don’t accept it. I learned it from life. For me, determination and aggressiveness, determination and concentration on one’s goals count. I have the mission to win”.

“I am the seventh strongest player in the world. Maybe in twelve years I’ll be the sixth.”

Anyway, good luck! And may it really be a positive life experience, because beyond all economic considerations, the matches show who you are and your personal ambitions.

Tokyo 2020: The Olympic games of extreme heat

The hottest Olympics in history will take place in Tokyo 2020, from 22 July to 9 August, with a risk of over 90% and similar to that of desert areas, with conditions of thermal stress that cannot be compensated by the human body measured by an index called Wbgt (wetbulb globe temperature), with which the risks are also assessed for the army. At risk, it’s not only the quality of the performances but above all the health of the athletes. For road runners, the nightmare of the Doha World Cup will be repeated. But the same problem will also be faced by athletes in sports that are apparently less challenging from the motor point of view, such as precision sports (archery, shooting and golf) where the combination of humidity and heat will be devastating and will cause extreme stress for the body (just think of the difficulty of the heart rate, a decisive aspect in these performances) and for the mind, which will have to find solutions to these physiological reactions, absolutely unusual and healthy.

Many athletes are using a new device: E-Celsius. A capsule to swallow with a sophisticated thermometer of 17 millimeters and 1.7 grams of weight. Inside, one silver oxide battery powers a sensor, whose vibrations vary with every slightest change in the temperature of the intestine and are transmitted to an external pc. In this way, the vital parameters of the athletes will be constantly monitored and in the presence of significant changes the athletes will be stopped.

The governor of Tokyo Yuriko Koike said that “it is as if Tokyo was immersed in a permanent sauna, every day”. Concern also for the public, “certainly not trained like the athletes.” For this reason some interventions have already been planned: on more than 100 kilometers of roads will be sprayed with a product that repels heat and ultraviolet rays, to reduce the heat “of eight degrees Celsius,” said Koike. But it may not be enough. Tokyo’s 2020 president, Yoshiro Mori, has asked Prime Minister Abe to take a measure to optimize the hours of light and to take advantage of the early morning hours for outdoor sports.

In 1964, in the  previous Games in Tokyo, to solve this problems  it was decided to have the games play in October, but in 2020, the Olympic games are driven by the laws of business and, therefore, the date change is not possible.

Never give up: so true!

Happy Christmas

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“If this one comes to Handbike, I think I finished to do the phenomenon.”
Alex Zanardi

What football for our children?

To teach and coach you have to start from the characteristics of those who do the sport (the children) and not from those who teach it the coaches (so it is easier to work as they think football), the parents (who would like to see their children do the actions of the team they are fans of) and the managers (who want to win tournaments and consider the children as “little footballers”).

There is the eternal dilemma between preferring the egg today or the chicken tomorrow!

It’s a shame that children are the ones who suffer the consequences of this and are banned from growing up as people through sport, while they will learn that what matters is victory at all costs and that they are just a means to achieve the goals of the adults around them, who would like to educate them and who say they love them.


Do you train the basic psychological skill?

Do you know how to train these fundamental psychological skills?

How often do you train them?

With what results in relation to your development as a person and an athlete?

If you think you want to know more or you need a guide, please write me.



I wish a wonderful Merry Christmas

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