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Ibrahimovic: the True Grit

What do you to say at this man. Ibrahimovic is the grit in person. He’s the True Grit, he’s the John Wayne of Milan. The young players have a chance to become adult players under his guidance.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrates after scoring the second goal in their away victory over Cagliari.

Ibrahimovic at Milan:will he lead the rebirth?

Zlatan Ibrahimovic will play for the next 6 months at AC Milan. There’s a lot of talk about the reasons of this choice on the part of the Club: “Is he too old (38 years)? “He was retired in Los Angeles, how will he fit into the Italian championship?”.

Only he can know if he will be the Savior of the homeland, taking the leadership to lead Milan on the pitch with his fighting attitude, playing the role of Chief in the locker room and in the match. It seems to me, that this is the challenge he would have accepted, choosing to come back and play in Milan. In this way we will have the chance to see if his famous statements continue to represent him or if they too will have aged:

“I don’t accept losing, I just don’t accept it. I learned it from life. For me, determination and aggressiveness, determination and concentration on one’s goals count. I have the mission to win”.

“I am the seventh strongest player in the world. Maybe in twelve years I’ll be the sixth.”

Anyway, good luck! And may it really be a positive life experience, because beyond all economic considerations, the matches show who you are and your personal ambitions.

Juve-Milan has been the first football match watched in TV

On 5 February 1950 the Rai broadcasts live the football match Juventus-Milan for the city of Turin, Italy. The Milan with the three attackers called Gre-No-Li Trident swept the bianconeri to 7-1. It was, however, only an experiment: Rai would start broadcasting officially only four years later.

Risultati immagini per juventus milan 1950 1-7

Milan lose for lack of will

Yesterday’s match AC Milan-Atalanta is an example of how the defeat could depend on the lack of will, which it has been showed during the match in terms of reduced commitment, lack of fighting spirit, excessive distractions and misakes, distance between players and so on. Inzaghi has said that the team, saw yesterday, is not the real one, “after beating Napoli and deserved to win against Roma we cannot be these one … serve availability, will, heart.” This sentence contains two important truths. The first: it is easier to play with serenity against top teams because the team has nothing to lose. Against them Milan does not have to win at all costs and thus the team can play more confident. Second, it is much more difficult to show that attitude against the other teams, which in turn want to get a winning result, because they play against the team second in the world for trophies won. It’s just against these teams that Milan should show the availability and willingness asked by Inzaghi. To achieve this goal it needs as recalled the journalist Gianni Mura “less narcissises and more true players.” It’s around these mental group aspects that Inzaghi should coach the team, otherwise whatever type of play he will propose he will not see it ever implemented for lack of will.

Inzaghi has to coach the will of his players by acting on personal and group motivation, self-determination, will to take initiatives, fast mistake control, volitional efficacy, awareness of the player roles in the pitch, goal maintenance during the match . He must daily challenge the players to show this attitude against any team regardless of its name and rank.

Interesting football championship: the surprise of the next matches

The Italian football championship this year is so far the most interesting of these years, because it brings out  new situations with which the teams have to face beyond their technical level:

Juve must demonstrate that it continues to have the will to win and the Conte’s dramatization related to Pirlo, not just any one, who did not go to the bench after replacing him but in the locker room it’s a sign of how the coach considers decisive to share what happens in the field from the bench to uphold the players’ determination.

Napoli have a match with it seems easy against Sassuolo but it should not think to have already won the game, this is certainly one of the games in which it can be measured the team willingness to win the championship.

Roma was often a team that at the first positive results thought to be already at an end the championship, it must show patience, forget about winning matches and stay focused only to play the next game.

Milan has many problems including injuries and mental weaknesses of Balotelli. Of course, as everyone says Mario is at a crossroads, scrambling like Cassano or become the symbol of Italian football talent, but who helps him? Not just the good will of the player or tell him to change because that happens, he needs someone to lead him to become an adult.

Inter started well also in the last season but it continued bad, it will change this year? Mazzarri looks more confident and convinced Stramaccioni and this is important.

Benitez’s philosophy: “without haste but without break”

From “tiki-taka” of Barcelona, ​​to the suffocating aggression of Juventus, to “without haste but without a break” of Napoli. Each team has its own philosophy based on the ideas of the coach. At the basis of any form of play there is an idea of football and I think that Benitez has a really good idea. I’is based  giving responsibility to the players, which are left free for a day after winning the match against Borussia, even if the next game is against Milan; which focuses on training with the ball to foster a positive climate in training and that it does not upset the players with a physical training too intense. It could say that we are just beginning the journey to say so well of the Benitez’s method. We forget, in this case, that a successful start into on two fronts, league and champions league, is very difficult and it have succeeded it’s a significant result just to confirm the validity of this Napoli new system.

Balotelli superstar against racism for Sport Illustrated

mario balotelli

Sport Illustrated

Barcelona without soul

The match of Barcelona versus Milan has been an example of aesthetic exercise, which is the opposite of winning mentality. Barcelona has in fact had a percentage of ball possession that was almost 70%, it’s something of incredible and shows the quality of the team on the field at the same time is absolutely useless. In football win the team who shoots and usually strong teams make more shots in order to have more opportunities. In Champions League the goal is play to win, everything else is a detail. In football, the goal is a rare event not as in basketball or volleyball, where there are points every few seconds. Barcelona, ​​in this case it was a textbook example, because it kept the ball that is the first thing to do but it did not do the second, which is to shoot at goalkeeper. For these reasons it played without soul, it was an aesthetic exercise of talent but has never led to the technical gesture decisive on goal. Perhaps the Spanish team will think  to have done everything right, except for the goal, but it is what separates the winner from the loser. I like the concept of “get the ball, pass the ball,” but it should be aimed at a goal.

Pro Patria-MIlan suspended for racist chants

It  has been suspended for the first time a football match for racist chants. It was a friendly match between AC Milan and Pro Patria. Italy has therefore a new sad record.

After an initial press release of yesterday evening, there were the reactions from all the sports media and from around the world on the events that took place in Busto Arsizio and who saw in Kevin-Prince Boateng the symbol of protest against the racism. Here they are titles, all more or less on the same line, speaking of this event. They range from the USA to England, via Peru to Portugal:

The Guardian: Milan friendly abandoned after players protest against racist chants

New York Times:  Soccer Team Walks Out on Racist Fans in Italy

The Times: Kevin-Prince Boateng and team-mates receive total support for standing up to racist abuse

L’Equipe: Chants racistes contre K.-P Boateng

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA5tYwTH7hA





The Success Syndrome

Since few days the issue Allegri, Milan coach, has appeared in newspapers and yesterday we added a new episode. Allegri and Inzaghi have quarreled so much on the field in front of the audience and the youth team of AC Milan coached by Inzaghi.

First, this kind of an insult to any player would have led to a chorus of negative comments and condemned by the media and this has not happened. But this interests me little.

Second, I ask myself why two people and with so great public success easily have lost self-control. Here, too, I do not make a moral issue but I’m interested in understanding what leads to these reactions. It is the usual wounded narcissism of the famous people, the so-called Success Syndrome  based on the “How dare you speak to me that way, you do not know who I am!” I fear that this is the explanation that brought them to this argument.

Third, I would suggest to these coaches and millionaires to learn from great football coaches like Nils Liedholm, Enzo Bearzot or Dino Zoff  what it is self-control. Let us always remember a basic aspect of interpersonal communication: praising in public and in private quarrels. The scenes in public are the representation of the high level of stress that we are living and the consequent difficulty in maintaining control of our actions.