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Peacefulness to cope with the competition difficulties

Working with athletes from different sports disciplines like shooting, diving, walking and fencing in the days before the race, leads me to think that the peacefulness (serenity) is for them an important factor to compete at their best. I don’t consider peacefulness synonymous with being calm. Is, in my opinion, being aware of:

  • possess the necessary skills to compete this time at the best
  • be ready to face with the many difficulties of the race
  • get into difficulty and get out with success thanks to training and past experiences
  • have acquired the ability to just live the present moment and not the immediate future

In this sense, the race has to be understood as a succession of instants that run continuously until the end of the performance, but the concentration is always on the present task, not in the past, not in the future.

For all of us there is a lot to think on these issues being spoken too little, sometimes too busy to teach only the psychological techniques to deal with the competitions.

Walk and find calmness

Today, September 1 marks somehow the end of summer and the beginning of a new period of activity. For many of us want to say to continue to have a sedentary lifestyle  spent in car or public transport and activities where you do not spend a bit of physical energy. We all know  that it’s unhealthy but most of us (in Italy) continue to live in this way by referring to an hypothetical tomorrow all forms of active life because we do not have the time today. At least in Italy there are not solutions shortly to this lifestyle: bike lanes are almost non-existent as well as spaces where walking sure not to be invested, many people take the car for less than one kilometer and young people have no incentive to walking, in many cities public transport  are infrequent and not on time and their use is not promoted by municipalities, at school  we have 2 hours per week of physical activity from elementary to high school,  without to mention the eating habits that lead to having more and more children overweight as 30% of adults. Nevertheless, we cannot just complain because it’s our life and we will not have a second to live. So we have to use our motivation and begin to live in a better way.

To do this we can start by two simple and inexpensive activities: walking 30 minutes every day and spend 15 minutes a day to develop thoughts pleasant and positive, (the one that goes by the saying – indulge in thoughts of peace and calmness -). Before to say that is good for nothing  and come back to our role as a victim of the times, let a little time to try, we will always be able to return to the old habits.

The new calmness of Federica Pellegrini

The story of Federica Pellegrini  shows that even one of the most talented and successful athlete,  needs at some point in her career a period of recovery after years of very intense work. She has not taken a year off but she has reduced the competitive commitments, the training hours and she is dedicated to a different swimming specialty. The example of Federica Pellegrini is true for everyone, not just for the athletes to the Olympic level. It teaches us that recovery is part of the sport career that you can not put stress on for years without having a recovery period. You can not always push hard, because in the long run this attitude leads to drop out and loss of serenity. You have to desire to train and to sacrifice yourself and to feel joy in being tired, when it becomes a burden you have to stop or reduce the commitment. This is also important for amateur athletes, who must not win anything but too often they consume themselves without ever taking a moment’s rest. We must never forget that the recovery is part of the workout.

Giochiamo sereni

Montella è un esempio diverso di allenatore quando dice “giochiamo sereni”, rispetto alla drammatizzazione delle partite effettuata da altri allenatori. Si può avere una mentalità vincente e giocare sereni. E’ un invito alla sobrietà vincente, a badare al gioco che si sa fare piuttosto che a combattere. Certamente le pressioni che sopportano le squadre più importanti sono maggiori, però credo che si possa giocare convinti e determinati ma con piacere. Altre prove dovranno confermare che Montella rappresenti una discontinuità nello stile di leadership degli allenatori di calcio, al momento comunque lo è.