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Federica Pellegrini and the need to have a goal

Federica Pellegrini: underlines the need in this period to have an goal and pursue it even in the uncertainty of the moment. This is what she summarizes in the interview published today in Repubblica and of which I report below the answer to the question of what she would do if there was another lockdown

If there was another general lockdown what would you do?

“I honestly don’t know, I don’t know how I would react. I have set myself the goal of getting to August. Whatever happens in the middle of the year, unless they tell us tomorrow that the Olympics are cancelled and then everything would change there, I’m moving forward towards my goal”.

The mental fatigue in football

Overload from mental fatigue is a cost that athletes must learn to manage for staying at the top. The most successful athletes at the end of the Olympics will take a long rest period to eliminate the stress and to recharge their motivation for the future engagements. In the individual sports choices such as Federica Pellegrini did, to dedicate a season to do lower-intensity activity are common in athletes at international level, because mentally you cannot live each year with the hassle of having to prove that you are always the best. Tiger Woods himself spent three years to recover from this crisis, in which it was stuck and go back to being number 1. Three years are the equivalent of 1,000 days when he lost many, many more times than winning . In team sports, take a rest period is not possible. The strong teams are organized every year to achieve the highest possible goal, in football it’s reflected in winning the championship or at least get in the Champions League. Juventus players are in this state of mind, they are tired and so far have not been able to enter in the field with the attitude needed to win . They have made up for with the skills and with the quality of some players, but it’s not enough. It would take clones of Pirlo and his mates but it’s fantasy and the new one are not necessarily best of theothers. Juventus must, however, reduce the level of fatigue and mental stress to find again that motivation to the effort and sacrifice in training and match, which are behind the successes of the two previous years. Certainly a sport psychologist who could help them to relax and recharge would be helpful.

Federica Pellegrini enjoys herself and reaches the final

Fun applies to everyone, not just for Federica Pellegrini. In fact, we are too often overly serious with ourselves, as if to do well it would be necessary to be concerned and totally focused. Instead, it is not uncommon for an athlete with this attitude put into a mental state in which he becomes too tense, living the event with an exaggerated apprehension . Conversely,an attitude stimulating mood states like the enthusiasm and the desire to have fun trigger positive feelings,  mental energy and desire to maintain this state during the competition. Federica Pellegrini did it with success and I am convinced that many athletes should have to choose the same track, to find out that this attitude is a key that leads to be satisfied with ourself.

What we teach us the shooting champion Giovanni Pellielo

Giovanni Pellielo, Italian, 25 years of shooting, he won three world championships in Olympic trap and three Olympic medals to mention only the most important results. With this story he could have quit and started another career, becoming the personal coach of some young talent on which to use his competences. But he has not chosen this path. At London he has not entered into the final, certainly his performance was positive with 121 plates hit on 125 but needless to enter into the final. In the rarefied world of the shooting champions started to diffuse the idea that Pellielo was over, others were now the winners. Pellielo, like Tiger Woods and Federica Pellegrini before him,  did not accept this idea and came back to get ready. The results, he won the first major national competition with 124 on 125 targets and at the next session of the World Cup he improved of 1 more target, with the score 125 of 125 taken: world record. Now he can feel comfortable that no one thinks he is finished. Toughness, confidence and pride. Nobody becomes champion for nothing!

The new calmness of Federica Pellegrini

The story of Federica Pellegrini  shows that even one of the most talented and successful athlete,  needs at some point in her career a period of recovery after years of very intense work. She has not taken a year off but she has reduced the competitive commitments, the training hours and she is dedicated to a different swimming specialty. The example of Federica Pellegrini is true for everyone, not just for the athletes to the Olympic level. It teaches us that recovery is part of the sport career that you can not put stress on for years without having a recovery period. You can not always push hard, because in the long run this attitude leads to drop out and loss of serenity. You have to desire to train and to sacrifice yourself and to feel joy in being tired, when it becomes a burden you have to stop or reduce the commitment. This is also important for amateur athletes, who must not win anything but too often they consume themselves without ever taking a moment’s rest. We must never forget that the recovery is part of the workout.

How Federica Pellegrini lives the last days before the Games

Federica Pellegrini explains how she spends the days before the Olympics. “From here to the race first of  all there is the serenity, I’ll be in my bubble, concentrated and isolated inside the coach and family, bring everyone out of anxiety.” Well done Federica.