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8m tonnes of plastic each year are dumped into the oceans

Risultati immagini per british synchronized swimming in plastic

British synchronised swimmers Kate Shortman and Isabelle Thorpe recreate their world championship routine among bottles, carrier bags and toiletries to highlight the problem of 8m tonnes of plastic being dumped into the oceans each year.


Manuel Bortuzzo show again his optimism after the tragedy

Manuel Bortuzzo, young talent of Italian swimming, injured on 3 February by a gunshot in the Axa district of Rome, tells how his life has changed. “How do I see myself in 10 years? I hope to stand up. To look forward you don’t have to look back, my life is always the same. There is a logistical problem but I am the same as always. I could beat my head and not be myself anymore”


Recruitment: Performance psychologist for GB paralimpic swimming team

After sailing in Great Britain it’s time for Paralympic swimming  to recruit one performance psychologist for the next 4 years, interesting compensation and permanent job.

… And then we wonder why  GB sport has become so successful, even investing on psychologists.

Federico Morlacchi, a fighter fish

Federico Morlacchi who won a gold and a silver (for the moment) to the Rio Paralympics is one of the “Fish Fighters“. It’s a docu film about a swimmer group, Paralympic swimming champions, and their preparation in Milan ahead of the Paralympic Games in Rio, with the AcquaRio project, multidisciplinary team involving coaches, dieticians, psychologists, trainers. The “Fish Fighters’ are Federico Morlacchi, Arjola Trimi, Alessia Berra, Arianna Talamona, Giulia Ghiretti, Fabrizio Sottile, Francesca Secci, Simone Barlaam e Giuseppe Romele. Young people with different stories and disability that in this year of workouts have become a team.

Risultati immagini per pesci combattenti morlacchi


Missy Franklin’s mindset

Missy Frankiln, swimmer 19 years old, 4 golds to al world championship and 6 at London has won the Laureus World Sports , a foundation that cares to integrate through sport by those who live socially disadvantaged. Her psychological profile is clear from the interview to Emanuela Audisio published by LaRepubblica.

  • Before the start – “I get excited , I say finally. I live for that moment, otherwise you train to do?”
  • Competitiveness – “I like the fight, fight until the last drop of energy.  I am born for sport, maybe I would have chosen the basketball.”
  • Sports Extra Life – “I enrolled at Berkeley in psychology … I want to make a freshman, missed the program of the washing machine, eating junk at the bar, having a roommate. Like all normal girls: I get married, children and a family.”
  • Fun – ” If you talk about sacrifices, I shot. I have fun and I chose swimming, in fact I drove my mother, who does not know how to float and she is afraid of water.”
  • Mental preparation – ” I do not need a psychologist. Since four years I’ve found God and at the end is that win or lose, I feel loved. And I say to myself: God will be proud of me. For this reasn I keep this in mind even those that seem small moments and in the future will become great.”

Unforgettable Cesare Rubini

There are individuals who during their life-marking unique and indelible, it’s the case of Cesare Rubini only Italian to be in the Hall of Fame of two different sports, basketball and swimming.

To understand how Cesare Rubini was decisive in sport at the international level there are no better words than those of this article in the Corriere della Sera by Alessandra Farkas :

” Cesare Rubini joined forever in the legend of basketball stars and stripes. In front of 1204 people in smoking and décolleté (who had shelled out $ 100 a head to applaud him ) the seventy years old coach became the first European, Monday evening, to be immortalized in the prestigious temple Use basketball : the legendary “Basketball Hall of Fame .” It’s the first time that an Italian receive this coveted honor” said President Clinton in a tape recorded at the beginning of the ceremony at the Civic Center in Springfield, Massachusetts. “He could not deserve it more”he added. “In addition to putting the Italian basketball on the international map , Rubini has done so much for the friendship Europe-Usa in sport.” From the thunderous applause aroused by the words of the president, it has been realized that the public “who ‘s who” of American basketball shared the choice.” Listen to the speech of Cesare Rubini that evening.

Rubini was a warrior who lived matches as battles. “In the decisive minutes you have to be brave, daring, the desire to win pushes you to force players to fight even if they are so tired . Riminucci remember who went in with fractured apophysis . Sardagna that held together the patches with an ankle almost broken … Gamba left two knees into the fray, but all resisted to the pain, all those of a certain period, then things have changed, some say thankfully, but it is the battle spirit that there is no more. I had not mercy of my players, workouts were definitely harder than a lot of games in the league. If a player of mine said he could not do it I tried to force it, i wanted heroes, I admit, and many were … It’s not possible to train without knowing men and your opponents.”


Nyad completes Cuba to Florida swim

The fifth time proved the charm for long-distance swimmer Diana Nyad, who on Monday accomplished her lifeling dream of swimming from Cuba to Florida, a distance of 110 miles. On her latest attempt, the tenacious 64-year-old had a little help from new anti-jellyfish measures developed by scientists and prosthetics makers.

Australian swimmer Susie Maroney was the first person to make the watery trek in 1997 at the age of 22, but she swam within the protective confines of a shark cage. Nyad had no such protection, but she did have other anti-shark measures in place. On all of her swims, the accompanying kayakers have special sonar-emitting devices strapped to their craft that drive away sharks that come within a limited radius. Nyad’s team also keeps a shark-repelling chemical mixture tied to one of their boats.

There are also safety divers standing by to deal with sharks. As Nyad explained in a July blog post, if a shark had ever gotten dangerously close to her, the divers would have used special PVC piping to prod the animal to draw its attention away from her. They do not use guns or spears.

“We will not under any circumstances kill an animal on our crossing,” Nyad wrote.

(From International Business Times)

In the Italian sport the women are winning

Italian sport is increasingly dominated by women, tennis, fencing, swimming, athletics are an example. It ‘s a phenomenon that reflects what happens in society, in fact even at school the girls perform better than boys and at work is increasingly difficult to limit their success. It’s time that happened, finally 50% of the world is no longer excluded.

Federica Pellegrini enjoys herself and reaches the final

Fun applies to everyone, not just for Federica Pellegrini. In fact, we are too often overly serious with ourselves, as if to do well it would be necessary to be concerned and totally focused. Instead, it is not uncommon for an athlete with this attitude put into a mental state in which he becomes too tense, living the event with an exaggerated apprehension . Conversely,an attitude stimulating mood states like the enthusiasm and the desire to have fun trigger positive feelings,  mental energy and desire to maintain this state during the competition. Federica Pellegrini did it with success and I am convinced that many athletes should have to choose the same track, to find out that this attitude is a key that leads to be satisfied with ourself.

Martina Grimaldi won the gold at 25km of the swimming world championship

Martina Grimaldi won the gold medal at 25 km of the  swimming world championship. with an unbelievable final sprint. Her time has been of 5h07’19″8 at one-tenth from the second, Germany’s Angela Maurer and 7 tenths from the third, U.S. Eva Fabian.

Martina Grimaldi commented: “I got discouraged after the beginning of  world championship. Took me head and heart. Today at the end I was just saying that I had to resist and try to bring something home … when I saw that we were three, I tried to run the final rush. I dedicate this gold to my parents and to those who stood by me these days. ”