To win the cancer

This is the story of Amanda Mercer, 44 yeras old, that four months after being operated on for breast cancer, along with other teammates, set a new record of team swimming the English Channel. After the surgery the doctors had not only recommended Amanda to start this challenge, but she was told that she could never do it, much less training because the chemotherapy would make her very sick and weakened. Her instinctive response to this reply was: “They do not know me.” Nine days after the first chemo went to swim and made just 1 km, very slowly but it felt good. After 12 days, began to swim faster and again he was convinced that he would make it. The second and third chemo were terribles. She could no longer keep up with her teammates, she was tired, but the heart told her that shewould have done anyway. Fourteen days after the last chemo Amanda was on the boat ready to dive into the cold water of the English Channel for her first round of an hour of swimming. After the first two rounds she began to feel tired with a strong nausea, if she had not dive into the sea the team would be disqualified. She dived anyway and after a few minutes was overcome by fatigue and negative thoughts. She began to think of a friend who had an incurable disease and that what she was feeling was nothing compared to the situation that Bob lived. The body began to react positively, thought also to her husband who was waiting on the beach in Dover and concentrated to count the strokes. The cancer did not stop her, it did her just go slower.

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