Get out the cancer with the team spirit

Sintini con la moglie al Giro d'Italia

Giacomo Sintini is a Italian volleyball player, setter of the Italian champion team. But last year the situation was very different. Jack is not the same as before, has continuous pain in the ribs and the scapula. Take a few tests to understand that the situation is serious. “The severe pain that I felt, explains Jack, were due to the continuous micro-fractures in the ribs. But the trauma of the sport have nothing to do. Within a bone there was a tumor lesion continues to grow more and more able to reduce the ribs and cause me great pain. It was a stage IV lymphoma development. “A diagnosis ruthless able to knock anyone, even a tough guy like James Sintini. “It’s all over. You cannot think like that when they tell you that you have a cancer. The hematologists had confirmed that the situation was bad enough. Me and my family remained petrified, completely in despair”says Sintini. Today defeated this disease, thanks to the care received, but he himself said that it was a real team effort did with the doctors and his family, which has prevented even in the most painful not to lose hope power to heal. (

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