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Real Madrid mindset

These sentences help us to understand the Real Madrid mindset, and the reason it wins its 15° UEFA Champions League final at Wembley against Borussia Dortmund.

“You never get accustomed to this. It was very difficult, much more so than we thought it would be. First half, we had to suffer; second half, we lost the ball less, played better – but those are all trifling details now. We won. The dream continues!”

– Real Madrid coach Carlo Ancelotti

“I don’t know what to say, just tremendous happiness. We knew it would be a tough game, and the first half they were very superior but we got out alive. But we knew our moment would come, and it did, and we have the 15th (Champions League title for Real Madrid).”

– Dani Carvajal, who scored Real Madrid’s first goal

“I have always dreamed of playing in these games.You go through life and there are so many people who say you cannot do things. I was alright until I’ve seen my mum and dad’s face there. My little brother is there and I’m trying to be a role model for him. I cannot put it into words. The best night of my life.”

– Real Madrid’s England international midfielder Jude Bellingham

“For now we are just disappointed, after such a match, after the chances that we had to score. It’s extremely disappointing. But in the end they showed their class. I’m proud of the whole team, we produced a great Champions League campaign, we’ve proved that we can play at the. highest level.”

– Dortmund goalkeeper Gregor Kobel after Dortmund spurned three early scoring chances


Carlo Ancelotti humility

There is a lot of talk these days about Carlo Ancelotti’s leadership style and how he and the team, Real Madrid, came to this additional Champions League success. They had not started well at the beginning of the year, losing to Sheriff but then along the way, as underdogs they defeated Chelsea, PSG, Manchester City and Liverpool. He himself said that he told the president of Real Madrid, almost jokingly, that they would win La Liga and the Champions League. However, that is precisely what happened. Paolo Condò on Repubblica.it wrote that one explanation lies in the humility he showed by having the team play with a low defense against Liverpool, thus preventing the rushes the English team is famous for. Humility is certainly not a psychological dimension of leadership that is so well recognized and appreciated in sports, even more so when leading Real Madrid.

In fact, habitually traditional models of leadership place the leader at the top of the pyramid and demand that subordinates follow his directives. The leader who works in the service of the team, on the other hand, flips the pyramid and places himself at the base of the hierarchy. In such an environment, players are given clear job descriptions of their role, and the leader’s job is to “serve” or help them perform these tasks. This structure does not imply that the norms become permissive or that the leaders are the players. On the contrary, they are responsible for the effective execution of their roles. The end result, is a work environment in which relationships are cultivated, everyone is valued, standards are met, and team productivity is increased. Importantly, the intellectual humility, displayed by Ancelotti, is a way of maintaining one’s convictions with a studious attitude toward the next opponent and respect for players’ views. It also mitigates the negative effects of leader narcissism and promotes the commitment and active involvement of players.

Carlo Ancelotti is a coach who has won in every European team he has led, serving this approach centered on the involvement of the whole environment and to the care of interpersonal relationships. In doing so, he exalts and continually nurtures group values, understood as club principles and identity, team cohesion, and a sense of responsibility among players and staff. His key words are: educate, environment, spirit, responsibility, Club tradition, identity, relationships, work and compete.

This working style not new to him had already been well described 10 years ago in his book entitled “Il mio albero di Natale” (My Christmas Tree):

  1. Educating the team to pursue victory through offensive and creative play
  2. Foster the development of a positive work environment
  3. Building a strong team spirit by stimulating a high capacity for sacrifice and mutual commitment
  4. Fostering in each individual a sense of responsibility (evaluated on the basis of his or her actions and behaviors)
  5. Protect the tradition and principles of the club
  6. Working to provide continuity for the Club’s successes
  7. Compete for all major trophies
  8. Build a clear identity and style of play that takes into account the Club’s tradition
  9. Build good relationships among the various work teams


Real Madrid history is the 12° players

Sometimes we talk about unforgettable matches. But tonight the challenge between Real Madrid and Manchester City made us live one of these sporting events that we will remember forever. I do not know how this is possible but the strength and determination of these players are are incredible. You can not explain what happened, certainly determination, desire to win and total concentration were essential ingredients but then there is something more that determines the result. It’s not just the logic of tactics but a constant attention that is based on a history, that of Real Madrid, that pushes at every moment to give value to every minute of the game. The history of Real Madrid pushes to believe in the enterprises, to fight until the last second: the history pushes and the team responds.

Hasta siempre Gento

“The honorary president played 18 seasons at Real Madrid and became a legend of world soccer.”

Francisco Gento López has passed away at the age of 88. A key figure in the Real Madrid legend, he played for our club from 1953 to 1971. Eighteen years in which he achieved an unparalleled record. He won 6 European Cups, which makes him a unique player in the history of soccer. To these he added 12 Leagues, 1 Intercontinental, 2 Latin Cups, 2 Spanish Cups and 1 Little World Cup. His contribution to Real Madrid led to him being elected honorary president of the club in 2016.

With a portentous physique and incredible speed, Gento was the best left winger in the world. But apart from his spectacular conditions as a player, he was the link between two legendary generations at Real Madrid: that of the first five European Cups and that of the equipo yeyé.

Beginning with Di Stefano
Gento was born on October 21, 1933 in Guarnizo (Cantabria) and joined Real Madrid in the 1953-54 season from Racing Santander. That same year, Di Stéfano also joined our team and together they transformed Real Madrid into the best club in the world.

In their first year, they won the League and ushered in a golden era for madridismo. The best players in the world wore our shirt and the forward line formed by Kopa, Rial, Di Stéfano, Puskas and Gento is considered the most important in history.

Since the birth of the European Cup in 1955, Gento is the only player to have won the trophy six times. First he was part of the historic team that won five consecutive titles from 1956 to 1960 and then he was the captain of the Real Madrid yeyé that won it in 1966.

Gento was a starter in the finals of Real Madrid’s first six European Cups and scored in two of them. In the second, he scored the 2-0 goal against Fiorentina, in a final played at the Santiago Bernabéu. He was even more decisive in the Third, when his goal in extra time settled a tough match against Milan”.

The Italian job: football winning coach

20 years ago Marcello Lippi, Fabio Capello e Giovanni Trapattoni won the football championship in Italy (Juventus), Spain (Real Madrid) and Germany (Bayern di Monaco). This year the winning triplete is for di Massimiliano Allegri (Juventus), Antonio Conte (Chelsea) and Carlo Ancelotti (Bayern di Monaco).

Risultati immagini per the italian job conte allegri

Napoli mental mistakes

Following the analysis of the match Real Madrid-Napoli we can highlight the following mental errors of Napoli. A team is ready to play at a high level if:

Leaders lead the team – Hamsik did it for too little time at high level, as well as other main players.

It’s concentrated in a positive way – Napoli appeared to just concentrate and insecure in follow the instructions of his coach.

Players are determined – Napoli lost too many balls at the beginning of the new actions, too many individual mistakes. These are signs of excess tension.

It manages the high expectations that are created for the decisive matches – Instead players choked with these expectations of glory that have reduced the effectiveness of their game. Real Madrid went down but this team knew how to get out the game. Napoli went ahead but it couldn’t handle this positive momentum.

It’s convinced to be able to win – you can win or lose but it must be cultivate tirelessly the belief that you will win if you follow the game plan. Napoli has probably shown this habit at a medium level but high expectations require high levels of physical, mental readiness, persistent toughness and high intensity match last 15m.

#RealMadridJuventus needs calm and patience

Calm and patience two words that reflect the mental approachto show during an important match like Real Madrid – Juventus. Ancelotti said: “We have to stay calm and focused on every detail. It’s just calm that brings you to give my best.” So before the mind and then the technique.

The enemy is the impulsivity, action without the mind, the rush to make a goal immediately. Feel too much the game is the mistake to avoid  and the first 20 minutes will reveal who between the two teams will have better learned the lesson about calm.

This calm and patient attitude is an example of maturity where: pride for what has been done so far, self-confidence and will to win are so well integrated that they seem to disappear in the calm that prepares the momentum when the teams should instead try to make a goal. Who will have more calm will wait for the moment to put in really difficult opponent.

The momentum is the other key concept of this game will need to build it and play it effectively.

Which is the mind game between Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid

The extraordinary results achieved from Atletico Madrid,  League and Champions League final, is due to the ability of Simeone, the coach, had instilled in his players the winning mentality, that he was missing. Little by little, he managed to convince the team that if you do not set limits in advance, you can reach any goal.Il defender Filipe Luis said that “to win the championship with a team so humble is amazing, it took hard work, faith and struggle.”

On the opponent field, the main difficulty of Real Madrid has to manage the stress of those who absolutely must win the Champions League, it’s the favorite. To reduce this stress Ancelotti keeps repeating that for him it’s a dream and  not an obsession. Some time ago, said: “You can’t always win 2-0 or 3-0. I am happy because the team showed solidity, a good attitude, worked together and knew how to suffer.” An attitude not so different from that proposed by Simeone.

It’ also  the same attitude that in Italy Antonio Conte and Rudy Garcia were able to transmit at Juventus and Roma. In fact in any field hard work, confidence can do it, collaboration and consistent and intense commitment permit to reach the success.

And then tonight it will win the team has been able to better manage these last stressful days starting the match tense and confident that at the end its dream will come true .

Real Madrid-Barcelona: when soccer is again passionating

Last night it has been played Real Madrid – Barcelona and it was a great game of football. It’s finished 4-3 to Barcelona but such it’s the quality of the players on the field that it could have also finish 6 to 6. They face two different play philosophies, that of Real Madrid centered on the single individuality who can solve in any moments the matches that of Barcelona dominated the chorus of the play. Two teams who wanted to win and then become available to undergo the continuous attacks of the opponents. A game in which the players run, not for  sacrifice spirit, but for the need to maintain a high intensity, not to give opponents the time to restart with ease. Maintain high pressure on opponents is an attitude that Barcelona was able to show better than Real Madrid. There were three penalties because the quality of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Iniesta is such that the defenders had to make a foul to stop them. When two teams made up of so many champions come into the field to win the show is sure, they are players who do not slow down and convey to the public their willingness to take risks, to play ball for the pleasure it gives to do it effectively. It’s certainly their job but they have forwarded that football is their passion and they played with that attitude. Like in children’s matches in which everyone wants to play and score.

Juventus absent, back in other hours

See the interview with Antonio Conte is embarrassing, because he cannot find reasons to explain the absence of Juventus today after the 70th of the second time against Fiorentina.  Trivial errors: first goal on a penalty kick; second,  Buffon error; third, Fiorentina player let alone as if it was a recreational match, and the last, the counterattack. Fifteen minutes in which Juventus was physically present on the field and not mentally. Not only the team did not struggle, it did not really play. It’s hard to see how the team that in the last two years has made of the total commitment its winning key now it’s missing it, not just today, because in this championship it has taken already 10 goals . Players tired and mentally satisfied? It is notpossible to play for three consecutive years always at the best and this is the way in which it occurs? Impatience with a leader who always remember to the players the value of the hard work? The team higher class level of this year were led to believe that you can win by engaging less? Only Conte and the team may know. Waiting for Real Madrid.