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The unbelievable Barcelona tribute to Iniesta

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Barcelona crisis

Barcelona-Juventus: it will win the more cohesive team

Barcelona and Juventus have reached this Champions League final on the strength of the team, their ability to think in terms of WE. The strength of the group is a key issue for every coach, who must be able to stimulate this continuing active and creative participation of the players. We know it, as Italians since the time of Bearzot, 1982 World Cup,  who used the team media silence as a tool to build the team cohesion. The Americans know well this topic having coined the sentence: “The champion team beats a team of champions”, to indicate that also the ideal team with only champions have to integrate the skills of each one, to be able to express their full potential. At this regard, Pat Riley, former coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, said that as a young Magic Johnson made most of the points but his team was always depressed and frustrated, because his teammates felt useless. He decided that the situation was unbearable for him, and since then his behavior changed, putting his skills to the service of the team. The mood of the team changed completely, the teammates were much more motivated, they increased their skills and also continued to win.

Tomorrow Juventus can lose if it plays with the attitude of the victim, while Barcelona may fall because of a presumptuous attitude. This should not happen, if we want to watch a great match. As always, at the end one of the two teams will win and it will be the one who will have fought tirelessly and with tactical intelligence, putting their best players in the best position to express themselves in a winning way.

Juventus new winning mind

Before the fury, then the technique. It seems to me that this is the evolution, in last years, has had the mentality of Juventus. Undisputed champions like Buffon and Pirlo, among others, had already won a lot and shown to have this approach to football, but a winning team is a lot more of their individual personalities and it had to prove that all possess and bring to the pitch this mentality. The work of Conte had the merit of bringing the fury in the game, that  physical and mental intensity coming before the technique, the team had to show for ninety minutes each game. Allegri has completed this team, which had won three consecutive Italian championships, changing the play ssystem and bringing more attention to the technical work, and on how necessary it’s to continually improve it. Today we talk about what it has been unexpectedly reached the final of the Champions League, but in sports there are no miracles. The team has, however, been shown to have exceeded the psychological limitations that prevented it from playing in order to achieve this goal. This results comes from a great training but also from a winning condition, at least in Italy, and on this confidence it has been possible to build, obstacle after obstacle, this willingness to go beyond the limits. Now everything is possible, because history teaches us that David beat Goliath. Juventus goes to Berlin with a joyful attitude, because they are months that it’s pursuing the dream that, day after day, with the hard work and dedication, it has become a reality and this is a significant psychological advantage to better address this last game. Barcelona, ​​super-favorite may run into a false start as Bolt did in the 100m final at the 2011 World Championships, resulting in disqualification. An example of superficial mind approach dictated by feel fated to win. Juventus will serve the enthusiasm accumulated in the last weeks combined with calm, that will enable it to enhance its play, the one taught by Allegri. Certainly Juventus, on its way in the Champions League, was also lucky and this has highlighted another characteristic, typical of the winning teams: to take advantage of favorable conditions. In fact, it won when it had to win and it’s not easy to get this result, because not confident teams often lose these games not thinking, losing their cool when the goal does not come immediately or if the opposing team is showing more difficult to overcome. In these cases, who should win become insecure, while the opponent gains confidence and can overturn the result in its favor, including the disbelief of the favorites. Commitment, total dedication and technique are the key to this success.

Real Madrid-Barcelona: when soccer is again passionating

Last night it has been played Real Madrid – Barcelona and it was a great game of football. It’s finished 4-3 to Barcelona but such it’s the quality of the players on the field that it could have also finish 6 to 6. They face two different play philosophies, that of Real Madrid centered on the single individuality who can solve in any moments the matches that of Barcelona dominated the chorus of the play. Two teams who wanted to win and then become available to undergo the continuous attacks of the opponents. A game in which the players run, not for  sacrifice spirit, but for the need to maintain a high intensity, not to give opponents the time to restart with ease. Maintain high pressure on opponents is an attitude that Barcelona was able to show better than Real Madrid. There were three penalties because the quality of Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar and Iniesta is such that the defenders had to make a foul to stop them. When two teams made up of so many champions come into the field to win the show is sure, they are players who do not slow down and convey to the public their willingness to take risks, to play ball for the pleasure it gives to do it effectively. It’s certainly their job but they have forwarded that football is their passion and they played with that attitude. Like in children’s matches in which everyone wants to play and score.

Federica Pellegrini enjoys herself and reaches the final

Fun applies to everyone, not just for Federica Pellegrini. In fact, we are too often overly serious with ourselves, as if to do well it would be necessary to be concerned and totally focused. Instead, it is not uncommon for an athlete with this attitude put into a mental state in which he becomes too tense, living the event with an exaggerated apprehension . Conversely,an attitude stimulating mood states like the enthusiasm and the desire to have fun trigger positive feelings,  mental energy and desire to maintain this state during the competition. Federica Pellegrini did it with success and I am convinced that many athletes should have to choose the same track, to find out that this attitude is a key that leads to be satisfied with ourself.

Martina Grimaldi won the gold at 25km of the swimming world championship

Martina Grimaldi won the gold medal at 25 km of the  swimming world championship. with an unbelievable final sprint. Her time has been of 5h07’19″8 at one-tenth from the second, Germany’s Angela Maurer and 7 tenths from the third, U.S. Eva Fabian.

Martina Grimaldi commented: “I got discouraged after the beginning of  world championship. Took me head and heart. Today at the end I was just saying that I had to resist and try to bring something home … when I saw that we were three, I tried to run the final rush. I dedicate this gold to my parents and to those who stood by me these days. ”


Mind and technique must be learned in the same time

Mindset and technical skill are trained through the development of specific game vision. The Barcelona videos on the goals at youth teams show how these two aspects are part of a way of teaching football. Barcelona has its own … how many Italian teams works in this way rather than just teach tactics and technique? Without the mind there is no game vision and the young players are trained to become soldiers.



Barcelona and Real Madrid assess their will to win

The two matches that Barcelona and Real Madrid will play will be a measure of their “will to win.” The team’s will is the power  to choose and implement actions suitables to the achievement of certain purposes. Only at the end of the two matches we will know who won but since the beginning we can know who fights to win. For teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona the attitude with which they will begin the game will be relevant, opponents will never have the perception that it will be easy to go to the Champions League final. That’s why they should enter into the field with the will to win despite the very negative result of the first match. This is the Everest they have to climb: play to the best of their abilities and win, knowing that it would be much easier to play a poor game in terms of pride and will and not qualify. These challenges are almost impossible as it is to climb Everest without oxygen, but someone did it.

Barcelona without soul

The match of Barcelona versus Milan has been an example of aesthetic exercise, which is the opposite of winning mentality. Barcelona has in fact had a percentage of ball possession that was almost 70%, it’s something of incredible and shows the quality of the team on the field at the same time is absolutely useless. In football win the team who shoots and usually strong teams make more shots in order to have more opportunities. In Champions League the goal is play to win, everything else is a detail. In football, the goal is a rare event not as in basketball or volleyball, where there are points every few seconds. Barcelona, ​​in this case it was a textbook example, because it kept the ball that is the first thing to do but it did not do the second, which is to shoot at goalkeeper. For these reasons it played without soul, it was an aesthetic exercise of talent but has never led to the technical gesture decisive on goal. Perhaps the Spanish team will think  to have done everything right, except for the goal, but it is what separates the winner from the loser. I like the concept of “get the ball, pass the ball,” but it should be aimed at a goal.