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Tottenham and Atalanta without resilience

Yesterday Champions League matches showed a resilience problem in some teams, such as Tottenham (it lost 7-2 to Bayern) and Atalanta (2-1 to Shaktar). Both teams were unable to react positively to the difficulties of the match.

In fact, resilience refers precisely to the ability to react immediately to a problem. It is the ability that allows people to react to defeats by going back stronger than before. These people, rather than being overwhelmed by failure and blocking their determination, find instead a way to rise from those defeats.

Let’s also say that teams that often lose matches, as in this period in Serie A (Spal, Sampdoria, Genoa and Milan) and those that, usually, play below their level show a lack of resilience. The same goes for the coaches who lead them.

  • To develop the resilience players and teams need to:
  • Know the situations you have to deal with in detail
  • Have a plan to deal with them successfully
  • Be prepared to adapt immediately to new and unforeseen situations
  • Believe in one’s own personal and team skills, making the maximum effort to implement them
  • Be able to react positively and immediately to an error
  • Communicate and support companions throughout the match
  • Reduce tension when possible and during game breaks

These are skills that should be constantly improved. For the coaches the questions are:

  1. Am I aware of the importance of resilience?
  2. Am I convinced I can coach it?
  3. How often do I coach it in my team?


Napoli mental mistakes

Following the analysis of the match Real Madrid-Napoli we can highlight the following mental errors of Napoli. A team is ready to play at a high level if:

Leaders lead the team – Hamsik did it for too little time at high level, as well as other main players.

It’s concentrated in a positive way – Napoli appeared to just concentrate and insecure in follow the instructions of his coach.

Players are determined – Napoli lost too many balls at the beginning of the new actions, too many individual mistakes. These are signs of excess tension.

It manages the high expectations that are created for the decisive matches – Instead players choked with these expectations of glory that have reduced the effectiveness of their game. Real Madrid went down but this team knew how to get out the game. Napoli went ahead but it couldn’t handle this positive momentum.

It’s convinced to be able to win – you can win or lose but it must be cultivate tirelessly the belief that you will win if you follow the game plan. Napoli has probably shown this habit at a medium level but high expectations require high levels of physical, mental readiness, persistent toughness and high intensity match last 15m.

Juventus new winning mind

Before the fury, then the technique. It seems to me that this is the evolution, in last years, has had the mentality of Juventus. Undisputed champions like Buffon and Pirlo, among others, had already won a lot and shown to have this approach to football, but a winning team is a lot more of their individual personalities and it had to prove that all possess and bring to the pitch this mentality. The work of Conte had the merit of bringing the fury in the game, that  physical and mental intensity coming before the technique, the team had to show for ninety minutes each game. Allegri has completed this team, which had won three consecutive Italian championships, changing the play ssystem and bringing more attention to the technical work, and on how necessary it’s to continually improve it. Today we talk about what it has been unexpectedly reached the final of the Champions League, but in sports there are no miracles. The team has, however, been shown to have exceeded the psychological limitations that prevented it from playing in order to achieve this goal. This results comes from a great training but also from a winning condition, at least in Italy, and on this confidence it has been possible to build, obstacle after obstacle, this willingness to go beyond the limits. Now everything is possible, because history teaches us that David beat Goliath. Juventus goes to Berlin with a joyful attitude, because they are months that it’s pursuing the dream that, day after day, with the hard work and dedication, it has become a reality and this is a significant psychological advantage to better address this last game. Barcelona, ​​super-favorite may run into a false start as Bolt did in the 100m final at the 2011 World Championships, resulting in disqualification. An example of superficial mind approach dictated by feel fated to win. Juventus will serve the enthusiasm accumulated in the last weeks combined with calm, that will enable it to enhance its play, the one taught by Allegri. Certainly Juventus, on its way in the Champions League, was also lucky and this has highlighted another characteristic, typical of the winning teams: to take advantage of favorable conditions. In fact, it won when it had to win and it’s not easy to get this result, because not confident teams often lose these games not thinking, losing their cool when the goal does not come immediately or if the opposing team is showing more difficult to overcome. In these cases, who should win become insecure, while the opponent gains confidence and can overturn the result in its favor, including the disbelief of the favorites. Commitment, total dedication and technique are the key to this success.

#RealMadridJuventus needs calm and patience

Calm and patience two words that reflect the mental approachto show during an important match like Real Madrid – Juventus. Ancelotti said: “We have to stay calm and focused on every detail. It’s just calm that brings you to give my best.” So before the mind and then the technique.

The enemy is the impulsivity, action without the mind, the rush to make a goal immediately. Feel too much the game is the mistake to avoid  and the first 20 minutes will reveal who between the two teams will have better learned the lesson about calm.

This calm and patient attitude is an example of maturity where: pride for what has been done so far, self-confidence and will to win are so well integrated that they seem to disappear in the calm that prepares the momentum when the teams should instead try to make a goal. Who will have more calm will wait for the moment to put in really difficult opponent.

The momentum is the other key concept of this game will need to build it and play it effectively.

Which is the mind game between Real Madrid-Atletico Madrid

The extraordinary results achieved from Atletico Madrid,  League and Champions League final, is due to the ability of Simeone, the coach, had instilled in his players the winning mentality, that he was missing. Little by little, he managed to convince the team that if you do not set limits in advance, you can reach any goal.Il defender Filipe Luis said that “to win the championship with a team so humble is amazing, it took hard work, faith and struggle.”

On the opponent field, the main difficulty of Real Madrid has to manage the stress of those who absolutely must win the Champions League, it’s the favorite. To reduce this stress Ancelotti keeps repeating that for him it’s a dream and  not an obsession. Some time ago, said: “You can’t always win 2-0 or 3-0. I am happy because the team showed solidity, a good attitude, worked together and knew how to suffer.” An attitude not so different from that proposed by Simeone.

It’ also  the same attitude that in Italy Antonio Conte and Rudy Garcia were able to transmit at Juventus and Roma. In fact in any field hard work, confidence can do it, collaboration and consistent and intense commitment permit to reach the success.

And then tonight it will win the team has been able to better manage these last stressful days starting the match tense and confident that at the end its dream will come true .

How it has been difficult for Juve the Champions League

The big matches can be turned into positive the team play and that is what it’s happening to the  Copenhagen team. The desire to play well can turn a team with a poor play in a team more technical and combative. Juventus, on the other hand, while playing a positive match does not appear combative and aggressive as usual. Combat means fighting all the time as if it were the decisive one; this attitude is very hard to maintain because it requires continuous physical and mental readiness as well as tactical intelligence to play as planned. The Champions League requires this mental approach that Juve in the first half has shown little while in the second the team alternated  positive moments with other in which it appeared distracted.

Poor Real Madrid in the 1° 45 minutes

Very well Real Madrid in this first 15 minutes, showing will as needed. They must continue to be fast but more accurate.  Very good the Borussia counterattack. 63% Real Madrid possession ball but no goals. 

After 30 minutes the match is boring, Borussia is always very well in the defensive actions. Borussia looks more than eleven. Ronaldo looks distracted and not committed. Who is the Real leader? May there is not this night.

Barcelona and Real Madrid assess their will to win

The two matches that Barcelona and Real Madrid will play will be a measure of their “will to win.” The team’s will is the power  to choose and implement actions suitables to the achievement of certain purposes. Only at the end of the two matches we will know who won but since the beginning we can know who fights to win. For teams like Real Madrid and Barcelona the attitude with which they will begin the game will be relevant, opponents will never have the perception that it will be easy to go to the Champions League final. That’s why they should enter into the field with the will to win despite the very negative result of the first match. This is the Everest they have to climb: play to the best of their abilities and win, knowing that it would be much easier to play a poor game in terms of pride and will and not qualify. These challenges are almost impossible as it is to climb Everest without oxygen, but someone did it.