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How to manage the momentum according Maria Sharapova e Serena Williams

Some rules to achieve the excellence from two top tennis players.

Maria Sharapova

When you are in a competitive situation and you’re down, what do you do or say to yourself?
“I take my time in between in my service games. I walk to the baseline. I move my strings around. I do a little pep talk, and it’s very automatic. I think it’s more of putting my eyes onto my strings and having this repetition that it doesn’t matter if I won the point or lost the point. I’m on this this river that is going to get to where it’s going no matter what rock is in the way, no matter what storm is on the way. The water is, ultimately, going to go down the river. It’s a safe place for me because in tennis momentum changes so much, just like in life. One second, everything is positive, and you get bad news. You go from a great day to wow. I see those strings, and I see my fingers playing with those strings, and I think of being level headed and being not overly excited, not down. But being in this medium frame of mind.”

Serena Williams

My game is my mental toughness - “Just not only to be able to play, to win, but to be able to come back when I’m down. Both on the court and after tough losses, just to continue to come back and continue to fight, it’s something that takes a lot of tenacity.”

Practice under pressure -  Williams believes tennis is “70 percent mental,”, for this reason she tries to replicate match situations during the sessions. For instance: down 15 to 30 on her second serve. Competitive simulation is a  very efficient coaching method. P

Stay in the moment - many tennis players choke under pressure and tend to unravel when they are behind. It’s important stay there, using our mental strength to win. You reach this goal living the moment: “Even if you’re going through something in life, you can’t rush through it instantly. Take it one moment at a time. It’s the same on a tennis court. You have to take it one point at a time.” Live the here and now.

Forget the mistakes - “Another thing that makes me play poorly is if I’m thinking too much about my last match. I might have won it, but not happy with how I won it,” says Williams. “If you get really upset at mistakes, the best advice I’ve ever been given is to forget about it. You can’t rewind time, you can’t take back that mistake, but you can make it better and not do it in the future.”



Tennis: what to do when you are down

In the football championship this is the momentum

Siamo alla fine del campionato e lo si nota anche dalle parole degli allenatori che sono sempre più di carattere assoluto: “Lo scudetto non deve sfuggirci”, “Nessuna tabella, pensiamo a vincere”,”Ora conta solo vincere”, “Parma battibile ma solo se siamo perfetti”. In ogni competizione giungono le fasi decisive e spesso in queste situazioni il linguaggio si semplifica ed esprime senza mezzi termini il risultato che si vuole raggiungere. Dal mio punto di vista condivido questi atteggiamenti degli allentori, perchè vi sono momenti in cui le squadre e i singoli giocatori devono sentirsi totalmente responsabili del risultato della partita. In altre parole devono giocare con la consapevolezza che c’è un solo risultato utile e per ottenerlo devono essere disposti a oltrepassare i loro limiti.