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Maradona: soccer goes to heaven

Biografia di Diego Armando Maradona

Diego Maradona 1960-2020

Pelè: “One day I hope we will play ball together in the sky”.

The pitfalls of life affect everyone

The year is 1986. The sign on Maradona’s shirt says “No drugs” , on Platini’s “No to corruption.”

They must remember us that every human being is a tangle of contradictions, even if he is a champion. We must always pay attention to the pitfalls that life presents us, recognizing them to avoid falling into it and respecting our well-being and the rules of social coexistence.

Maradona tribute in Youth by Sorrentino

Diego Maragona in boxers, huge, obese, which is based barely standing, he performs with a tennis ball in a scene from ‘Youth by Sorrentino and that it’s already’ a cult. He’s not really the Pibe de Oro, of course, but the Argentine actor Roly Serrano, identical except for the fact that he’s practically obese. Sorrentino, always in love of Maradona, leader of his Napoli, who won all in the  Ferlaino era, after having dedicated to him the Oscar, he wanted to portray in Youth with sui generis a tribute . A choice that liked the true Maradona and on Facebook he thanked the director.