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The pitfalls of life affect everyone

The year is 1986. The sign on Maradona’s shirt says “No drugs” , on Platini’s “No to corruption.”

They must remember us that every human being is a tangle of contradictions, even if he is a champion. We must always pay attention to the pitfalls that life presents us, recognizing them to avoid falling into it and respecting our well-being and the rules of social coexistence.

We need Gattuso

In a period in which the great ideals have disappeared, our main reference points are again individuals who by their actions demonstrate that commitment, sacrifice, spirit of cooperation, responsibility, toughness and sense of belonging are not empty words but have a deep sense, whose practice is based on the life of society. The tribute that the whole world wanted to give to Nelson Mandela is one example, we need to identify with someone bigger than us, to support us in daily attempt to resist and maintain hope in the possibility that there is a better world. Why the lives of these people from Gandhi to Martin Luther King, Kennedy until Mandela are proof that you can be daring. Like all myths are also perceived as unattainable, they have led exceptional lives, paying the total membership to their ideals. We know that we will never be like them, we do well to keep them in the eyes and the heart but to live our daily lives with consciousness we also need other examples closer to us, that not only shine but also showing their flaws. Among those who follow the sport and football, Rino Gattuso is one of these people. His nickname is “Growl” and he has always been the soul of the team, the hard worker, who fight until the end, performing the function of allowing the team stars to be free to express their skills, because he was there to support them. Gattuso is certainly not a myth but as a player he represented those positive qualities that are the foundation of the community life. That’s why we need to Gattuso and many others like him. Public support he has received in recent days it seems to me a sign of this account of the person, which is evident in the words of the Cremona district attorney Roberto Di Martino: ” I personally find Gattuso very nice, I rooted for him in the national team when played, but I would have done honor to my profession if I had him for a treatment different from that of any other citizen? Gattuso is world champion for the story. However, he cannot be for justice .”  We need Gattuso is innocent because if they fall those like him, who are not the few big corrupt bankers or CEO, but there are the many people who are closer to us, not the great and  unattainable myths but who we know, think of building a better society will be tough. Gattuso innocent allows me to believe that my neighbor is honest and this helps me to be me too.

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Don’t spoil Indian sport

The main Indian athletes have waged a battle in favor of transparent management of sport in India led by leaders capable and honest. For more information read this article Rajyavardhan Rathore, silver medalist at the Athens Games.