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Beyond the traditional PST training

On the fourth day of “International Sport Psychology Week” at INSEPin Paris, David Tod talked about how the psychological consulting work with athletes now goes beyond the traditional teaching relaxation techniques, visualization, self-talk and so on but it must include an approach even more specific. This approach involves an extension of the sports psychologist skills to address the changes that have occurred today in lifestyles, in the growing complexity of the sporting career and the needs of high-level athletes. Then request the psychologist greater expertise  to understand the needs of  his/her clients, to show more and more competences in interpersonal communication and to understand the performer not only in relation to the needs of the sporting life but also in relation to the global life.

Coaching adolescents

Jacques Commeres is the assistant coach of the French basketball team and introduces the theme of the training of adolescents all’INSEP Congress held in Paris. According to the coach, basketball is a sport that requires discipline and creativity. He said that young people today are different from those he has known since he began his career. For him the impatience of youth and their need to stay connected can be a problem as to develop and validate what you have learned during the training sessions because it needs certain time after the workout. Personally, I think the young people of the ’80s were more rebels than those of today and permissive education was already very popular among parents. I agree on the problem that the technological revolution that has invested them reduces their ability to pay attention for long periods of time. The adolescents need to be trained in school as in sports to tackle the tasks with a commitment to remain constant over time and motivated in performing those repetitive tasks that are present in any business.