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Mazzarri and Napoli cohesion

We start with a basic idea, and that is that a team’s performance is most effective if there is agreement on goals and the means to achieve them. This finding is a fundamental part of the concept of cohesion, which is the dynamic process that reflects a team’s tendency to stick together and remain united in pursuit of its goals. Lack of cohesion, in my opinion, has been the problem that Napoli has manifested during Rudi Garcia’s management.

This is because one of the most common problems that occurs in teams when the coach’s goals do not match the team’s goals. Garcia has also failed to find effective ways of communication to get his proposals accepted. It should be obvious how necessary it is for the members of a team to identify with the goals of the coach otherwise what happened happens: the team loses confidence and the coach is exonerated

Mazzarri was faced with a situation in which the players were not satisfied with the role they played in the team, they had lost confidence in the strength of the group, and the negative results were confirming and worsening these negative moods.Garcia’s approach did not include discussion on these issues, which is necessary to manage a team in a winning way. If asked,

I would suggest that Mazzarri introduce moments of discussion on the same issues. It can be concluded that although various approaches can be used to convince individuals of the worthiness of the proposed goals, a system centered on team enhancement will certainly be very effective. In this way, a positive relationship is built between individual motivation and commitment, leading to effective performance and a consequent positive perception of the value of individual contribution to collective work.

The team cohesion is the key factor for a team

Managers are fired on the basis of disappointing results, but there is not always an unambiguous answer to identify the reasons for a team’s negative performance, which in this case corresponds to Napoli. In business, it is well known that the best performance is produced by individuals and teams that are motivated and well paid. In professional teams, economic aspect is not an insurmountable problem while lack of motivation is a serious problem.

The motivation displayed on the field by the team is a representation of the positive or negative coach-player relationship. There are ways to foster it that every manager should be aware of, among them: encouraging participation by listening to the players’ input, rewarding unselfish and cooperative behavior, giving everyone challenging and achievable goals, demanding and encouraging maximum effort and constantly reinforcing it, always supporting the team when it is in trouble while giving maximum effort, spending time to evaluate with the players the effort given in training and games.If this approach is not pursued, it is easy for players to start not playing as well as they know how, reducing their commitment.

Great goals are pursued only in an environment where collaboration on the field is cultivated as a valuable asset. when some significant players feel excluded by the coach usually the whole system rebels, even more so when coming from a prodigious season like the past one. The manager is the absolute leader of the team, but he cannot impose his ideas by using the process of excluding some players.

The women’s national volleyball team is another recent example of this approach. Cohesion, and victories, are not achieved by downsizing the role of key players. This formula of asserting one’s mentality at any cost is a losing example of leadership.

Juventus & Roma too scary in Europe

Yesterday I wrote that many coaches in Italian soccer premier league canot stress sufficiently the competitiveness of their team and that this fact obviously causes problems. What Massimo Mauro writes on Repubblica.it goes exactly in the same direction, speaking of the difficulties of Juventus and Roma.

“Allegri’s team is charged after the great victory of Empoli, but too many times we have become accustomed to the strong and arrogant team in the league and then appear humble and fearful in Europe … Even more worrying is Roma. From the night with Bayern seems have vanished the beautiful team of the last season and of this first part of the season. It looks faded group: those who play shows no more leg strength, who enters is lazy and does not seem to have the desire to change things, it transpires behind the discontent of the players. The new had to strengthen the group (Iturbe and Cole above all) but they have not done it, and Destro and Ljiaic  have no longer  the patience to wait.”

Two teams that outside of Italy have not been able to be competitivetill to now. In other words, they do not fight, do not try to retrieve lost balls with determination and do not start the matches with decision. This attitude of the team comes before the way to play and it’s based on a basic idea: before you do, then you do better, but if you do not do you will never  improve. It’s better to do one mistake rather than doing nothing. This means being competitive. At the contrary our teams seemed to be paralyzed by having to do the right things without making mistakes. With this attitudes they become slow and insecure and a confident opponent will bring home the result. I am convinced that if the coaches will be more aware of their inability, they may start to reflect on these issues to find appropriate solutions for their teams.

Roma-Napoli: exciting match?

The match of tonight is Roma-Napoli, the first against second in the Italian championship, and we expect a very good match between two teams who take few goals and that mark with ease. The two coaches are individuals who are not wasted in controversy between them and they are teaching players to think about one match at a time without fitted to the head of their achievements in the league. Roma have to fear of a team that has scored 10 goals so far only in the first half of the matches, which although often do not decide the game, of course, give a practical and emotional advantage . A mistake that teams must avoid is to think about what it will happen if they win, they must not bring his head to the future, especially those who will score first they have to continue to maintain the same kind of concentration had up to that time. For Napoli it will be more useful to have in the eyes the victory  with Borussia and certainly not one with Arsenal. It ‘s always best to remember the victories  rather than dwell too much on the flaws. What it can stop the game of the two teams is the fear of losing, not being used to playing high-level matches like this one. The role of the coaches i , in relation to this aspect, absolutely decisive to transmit confidence to the players as a team. The confidence with which they will start the match is dependent on them and on how the most significant players in each team will effectively interpreting their role. Have fun.

The reasons for the rebirth of Roma

The change of  Roma attitude during the matches and  its consequences: best play, individual fighting spirit, strong cohesion and sense of belonging is a positive not only for Roma, first in the championship, but for Italian football. The first step towards this change came from the different organization of the management, clearer, with no overlap in key leadership roles, which led to the choice of the players to be sold and which ones to enter, paying attention to the budgetary needs and to take not only good players but  also with the personality needed to play at a high level. The second step is represented by the choice of a coach not glamorous or philosopher but concrete. From the psychological point of view he is like the classic father’s harsh but fair; so players have felt respected and from this new environment and the interweaving of these relations was born the actual team condition. This result shows that in order to win a team  must have an effective corporate organization and a coach (the team leader) that enhances the players, not excluding them for a personal prejudice and enforcing rules simple and well defined. Only then starts the technical and tactical coaching.