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Chunking process in tennis legends

The concept of chunking concerns the process of automation due to the organization of separate stimuli into larger significant units. So in the expert athletes a single visual element, e.g. hitting the ball in a certain way, involves the knowledge that a certain sequence of actions will follow.

This process has also been used to explain the success and longevity of some champions compared to other equally competent but less successful athletes.Roetert, Woods, Knudson and Brown (2019) asked this question by analyzing the results of the Grand Slam in tennis tournament of the last decade, noting that athletes like Serena and Venus Williams, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and the Bryan brothers, have been at the top of the ranking for many years. One of the reasons for the consistent success over time and the physical abilities of these top players could be related to their greater ability to mentally integrate a considerable amount of information into large significant units. In this way, this work of integrating a large amount of information would allow them to store it and make it available during matches. These winning tennis players understood how to create and access these larger blocks of information as effectively and efficiently as possible, so that their movements on the field and their shots could appear effortlessly and adapt to emergency situations.