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Maradona is back to Argentina

Maradona is back to Argentina and it’s immediately enthusiasm!

Maradona torna in Argentina: è il nuovo allenatore del Gimnasia

How Argentina think

Example of Argentina modesty

In soccer the teams have to earn fortune

According Oronzo Pugliese, football coach in the 70/80, the fortune of a team consisted in having the most talented players in the world. Brazil and Argentina won with the help of luck the two matches against Chile and Switzerland. In this case with a daring parallel with the thought of Machiavelli, it can be said that luck is the power exerted by the strongest. For this reason the fortune is not so blind as it is usual to say, the stronger catch it on themselves. But they must also to know how to earn it, not surprisingly Argentina did a lot more shots on goal than Switzerland and Brazil won at the penalties having a better goalkeeper. It’s also clear that luck occurs when the two teams did not demonstrate a clear superiority of either of the two. More than any other sport, in football the result is well suited to be influenced by luck because the score can be determined by a lightly, accomplished in a given time by the behavior of a single player. It’s ‘the case of Di Maria, one of the best in the pitch, he did a fault in a defensive action just a minute after scoring the opening goal for Argentina. From this lightness it has been developed the action that led to the pole hit by a Swiss player, punishable by a subsequent rebound on the leg that put the ball out of a few centimeters. In other words, the sin of an individual may fall heavily on the team. This is football, a sport in which you can win for the action of a single but just as easily a single behavior may lead to defeat. Therefore, in a game that is spread across many individual episodes, to attribute the result to the luck does not make sense; usually the match has won by the team that created most episodes to score, at the opponents remain the poles taken, emphasizing their competitiveness in the field but not the consitency in the pursuit of victory with the heart and the mind. Read it also on The Huffington Post.

Please, don’t kill you for a football match

“If Argentina beat Brazil, in the final, I’ll kill myself said the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes, a few days before the start of the FIFA Confederations Cup, the first citizen of Brazilian city is aware of the fact that the Brazilian coach Sabella is among the favorites for the title and that the eventual victory of Argentina in Brazil would be a sport tragedy for the Brazilians, as was that suffered at the 1950 World Cup in home which were defeated Uruguay.

At this regard, in order to avoid this dramatization I suggest you to read what Eduardo Galeano wrote  in a chapter of the book “El futbol a sol y sombra” (1995) entitled “The sin of losing”:

“Nel calcio, come in tutte le altre cose, è proibito perdere. In questa fine di secolo, la sconfitta è l’unico peccato che non ha redenzione. Durante il Mondiale del 1994, un pugno di fanatici diede fuoco alla casa di Joseph Bell, il portiere sconfitto del Camerun, e il giocatore colombiano Andrés Escobar cadde crivellato da colpi a Medellìn. Escobar aveva avuto la sfortuna di segnare un autogol, aveva commesso un imperdonabile atto di tradimento alla patria.

Colpa del calcio o colpa della cultura del successo a tutti i costi e di tutto il sistema di potere che il calcio professionistico riflette e integra?”

Think Mr. Eduardo Paes and accept the idea that Brazil can also lose, discovering perhaps as it soothes the pain and brings people together the will to share it on.