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Italian women tennis players go back in the world ranking: an explanation

In Italy we have a problem in Female tennis, because  we not players among the top 50 in the world ranking and only y2 two among the top 100. A disaster and, above all, the inability to build a winning movement starting from the successes of the gold cycle of Pennetta and company. Beyond organizational matters and the early introduction of young in the tournament circuits, I am convinced that one of the aspects limiting the development of tennis players is the lack of integration of psychological component in training and in physical preparation.

Tennis is a complex sport in which physical reactivity protracted in time, mental readiness and determination and technical-tactical skills are used during each point. I wonder, too, because there are no data about but only personal experience, if  these components are trained by coaches with the same determination that is then asked the players. In my opinion, this approach is flawed, the girls (but this is also true for males)pay much more attenzione to hit the ball and to win the game rather than being tough and determined.

My question is: how much time is dedicated in training to build the toughness and determination compared to the time devoted to the development of the technique and game?

I remember the words that Roberta Vinci was repeated while playing the game, then won, against Serena Williams: “run and throw it in there.” In other words, she continually motivated to be focused on the present. How many training sessions are conducted with this approach?

The winning mentality is not formed at a table but through a coordinated training on these aspects. The same is true for the physical preparation of the tennis player how much care is given to stimulate attention, motivation and toughness during the sessions? In my opinion, there is not attention at these aspects, except maybe one that spontaneously the coach and the athlete can take.

This approach to training requires close collaboration between physical coach, psychologist and coach. There are people with this kind of interest?