The team cohesion is the key factor for a team

Managers are fired on the basis of disappointing results, but there is not always an unambiguous answer to identify the reasons for a team’s negative performance, which in this case corresponds to Napoli. In business, it is well known that the best performance is produced by individuals and teams that are motivated and well paid. In professional teams, economic aspect is not an insurmountable problem while lack of motivation is a serious problem.

The motivation displayed on the field by the team is a representation of the positive or negative coach-player relationship. There are ways to foster it that every manager should be aware of, among them: encouraging participation by listening to the players’ input, rewarding unselfish and cooperative behavior, giving everyone challenging and achievable goals, demanding and encouraging maximum effort and constantly reinforcing it, always supporting the team when it is in trouble while giving maximum effort, spending time to evaluate with the players the effort given in training and games.If this approach is not pursued, it is easy for players to start not playing as well as they know how, reducing their commitment.

Great goals are pursued only in an environment where collaboration on the field is cultivated as a valuable asset. when some significant players feel excluded by the coach usually the whole system rebels, even more so when coming from a prodigious season like the past one. The manager is the absolute leader of the team, but he cannot impose his ideas by using the process of excluding some players.

The women’s national volleyball team is another recent example of this approach. Cohesion, and victories, are not achieved by downsizing the role of key players. This formula of asserting one’s mentality at any cost is a losing example of leadership.

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