Beautiful and useless the Mancini’s words

Mancini’s words are beautiful.

Roberto Mancini breaks the silence.

“Football can sometimes be a ruthless metaphor for life. Last summer we were on the roof of Europe after completing one of the most beautiful feats in the history of the national team. A few hours ago we woke up at one of the most dramatic points. We went from total joy to frustrating disappointment.

It’s really hard to accept, but accepting even defeats in life is part of a healthy path of human and sports growth. Let’s take some time to reflect and understand clearly. The only right move now is to raise our heads and work for the future. Thanks to the public of Palermo for the warmth and thanks to all the fans who have always given us enthusiasm and affection”.

But I would like to know what has been done in these months, for the preparation of the matches with Switzerland and the others, to prevent what happened. I would like to know what objectives were pursued to train the players to play these matches with calm and determination. I would like to know what actions Roberto Mancini and his staff have put in place to stimulate each player to face these matches and the one with North Macedonia in a combative way but at the same time taking individual responsibility.

We will never know. Because in my opinion nothing has been done to fill the mental absences of the players. You can’t hide behind the lack of rallies. Now the world lives online, why wasn’t this system used to reason with the players? Why did we continue with ideological proclamations about the victory of the World Cup, maybe because we think that footballers are so childish that they cannot stand realistic thoughts, while they should be blandished with imaginative thoughts?

Obviously no one thinks that a sport psychologist could have played an important role in this tragedy. We still use systems based on the flair of old glories, who by the fact of having played are enlisted as experts in the management of men.

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