Why to focus on breathing

As children, we learn to use cutlery, and so we will continue to do for the rest of our lives, never having to think about it again and never making a mistake.

The same goes for breathing, which is an automatic activity.

In attention training, however, we learn to focus on breathing, which is actually a useless activity because breathing is, as mentioned, an automatic process.

Precisely because it is an automatic activity it is however difficult to focus on breathing, we are not endowed with this ability, it is useless since we cannot not breathe.

But learning to do it, we learn to be aware and to guide an automatic process and, therefore, according to Paul Ekman we create new neural pathways, thanks to which we keep under control what happens at an unconscious level. and understand the automatic nature of emotions.

Consequently, the more time we devote to that breathing training, the greater our ability to control our emotions.

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