The main mistakes of U21 tennis players

Major errors of youth under 21 playing tennis:

  1. Believe to know play tennis is sufficient to know play a match
  2. Do not be aware that being fast  is one of the most important mental aspects to play a match
  3. Have not a plan when in the game they do not know what to do
  4. Think that a point can change the match (or “turn the match” as they say)
  5. Think that the opponent does not make them play or just makes winning shots, when they should concentrate on what to give up
  6. Be depressed/upset when they are losing or being afraid to win when they lead the match
  7. Do not be aware why the warm-up is useful not only for a physical reason
  8. Ignore that is what they think/feel before to start a point to determine how they will play it
  9. Do not be quickly aware how to play against the opponent
  10. Think to win the points rather than thinking how to play the game (speed , hit the ball and throw it long)

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