A coach talking only of technique makes big mistakes

Increasingly I hear of coaches involved almost exclusively to train the athletes ‘ sports technical component while ignoring the mental component and in global terms the psychological dimension of the life of their athletes. This attitude determines in many athletes problems and a relatively  frozen communication.

Obviously this approach is wrong, limiting the athletes’ sports development. At this regard, I want to remember what was already told since 1938 by Dale Carnegie, one of the greatest of interpersonal communicators:

  • Today ne of the less popular qualities is that of knowing how to appreciate people.
  • In our relationships we should never forget that our  life or work fellows are human beings and as such greedy of gratification. That’s the secret.
  • And no flattery. Appreciation must be honest and sincere.
  • If you want people to be happy to be with you, you must demonstrate that you are happy to be in their company.

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