Ecomarathon: the running of our ancestors

If the long distance run is the movement privileged by the human being and it’s a remembering of the actions of our ancestors, the race in the midst of nature is the privileged place where to move. It’s a race that eliminates the obsession of many runners for the time at km, because it’s the nature to hinder this mindset. It can easily become a way to be totally involved in the landscape with its ups and downs and to do this trip of hours with a patient and relaxed style, also in the effort that certainly requires. It’s a path where the runners can alternate walking with running depending on the steepness of the climbs and descents that they have to face, It’s a running that brings us closer to what our ancestors have done for thousands of years, moving from one place to another in search of food. The eco-marathons as well as shorter distances are a lifestyle sport suitable for everyone, because all the people can participate, if they wish, in an ecological walk in the middle of a forest or in the meadows and the most trained can run the longer distances. I hope they have increasingly spread as it’s having the Chianti Ecomarathon, in Tuscany,  with competitive run of 42, 21 and 14 km, as well as the Ecowalking of 10 km, the tour of the wine cellars and 11 km of Nordic walking.

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