Comments to our first free webinar

Two days ago, along with Emiliano Bernardi we held our first webinar, in Italian, dedicated to the coaching mental aspects. It was a different experience from the one-hour lecture to an audience physically present in a hall. Meanwhile, there is a real countdown to 10 minutes punctuated by slides that tell what to do and how much time is left at the beginning … and then it begins. The webinar management needs two persons because the speaker can not maintain contact with the participants, as is required and in this case was made by Emiliano. It ‘a new and effective way to talk about a subject, permitting to save time and money and allowing people from different Regions to attend the event but in the comfort of their home. The webinar also forces the speaker to maintain a fast pace in exposure and eliminate breaks and downtime, so you can convey more information than you would normally deliver when the action takes place in a hall. In the case of sports psychology the webinar could be used to create a community of people interested in this knowledge and professional area. The commentswe have received were positive and this webinar will be followed by others on the issues more relavant for the athletes, coaches and sports professionals.

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