Be aware of your motivation

We often talk about athletes’ motivation but not always with the same frequency we teach how to understand their personal motivation.

I want to propose two useful exercises to reflect on this point in a constructive way.

First exercise

Sit comfortably in a chair, close your eyes, take three deep breaths and think about the difficult moments you encounter during training and racing, the fatigue, mistakes and defeats experienced, and assess whether you’re willing to face other difficult moments and be committed to overcoming them.

Second exercise

Sit comfortably in a chair, close your eyes, take three deep breaths and think about the successes you can achieve and the races you can win, the joy you can feel after a brilliant performance and all the positive things that can happen thanks to the quantity and quality of your training. Evaluate whether they are enough to keep your motivation high.

Imagery on field

Research: the athletes’ life during corona virus

Applied research is an important aspect of promoting the profession of psychologist.
In relation to what we are living in these weeks, it is relevant to know how athletes are facing this moment of long crisis never experienced before in these extreme forms.
Below is the invitation to participate in this survey, through the compilation of a questionnaire on the web.

Hello everyone,
Together with a group of psychologists and experts in sports psychology we are investigating the consequences caused by the new coronavirus (COVID-19) on the everyday life of people for whom sport is essential.
We decided to structure a research to understand the impact that the current situation is generating in the lives of Coaches and Athletes. We are investigating not only their sports habits, but also how they are experiencing this period, the emotions and stressful events they are experiencing, as well as the strategies they are putting into practice to best manage it.
That is precisely why we need your help, indeed the help of the whole sporting world.
In fact, we invite you to complete the following QUESTIONNAIRE (which can also be completed by smartphone and tablet) and to spread this initiative to as many athletes, coaches and clubs as possible. It will be thanks to you that we will be able to better understand how to face this situation and to build resources for the future to the resumption of sports activities.

You can also follow us on
Thank you

Learn from videos

When we say let’s learn from the videos. We as adults can learn from the creativity of children.

Optimize your routine through the champs’ videos

Observation is an important ability to learn or improve our sports skills.

Today I want to propose to observe the routines before the beginning of an action of four champions. The routines serve to put us in the best condition to perform the next action. It is a way to empty our minds of what we have done up to that moment and to enter in a mental bubble, as Federica Pellegrini calls it, which allows us to be focused only on what we are going to do.

There’s not much more to say. Observe them, they are different, and then write down what your routine is.

In these days, at home, you can perform mental repetition exercises of your routine, dedicate 10 minutes every day to repeat your routine.


Cristiano Ronaldo e Jonny Wilkinson

Yelena Isinbayeva

Phil Mickelson

Maria Sharapova


Coach yourself through the observation

Watch videos of other athletes’ performances to learn how they face races, difficult moments, style of play or anything else that may interest. Watch videos driven by a specific target and not by fans.

In this way you develop the ability to stay focused because guided by the goal to observe, it means:

“Examine, consider carefully, even with the help of appropriate tools, in order to know better, to realize something, to detect the details, or to make judgments and considerations of various kinds … Sometimes refers more to the attention of the mind than to that of the eye … to look carefully at something or people, either simply out of curiosity, or with the critical intention, to notice flaws, to catch others foul.”(Vocabolario della Lingua Italiana, Istituto della Enciclopedia Italiana, 1989, vol. 3° p. 588).


We still believe it!

Let’s reschedule the Olympics to a new date.

Much more alone

They left in a heartbeat Renato, Corrado, John, Bob e ora Gianni, it’s terrible.

May the earth be gentle on you.

Risultato immagini per gianni mura